NOLA Silent Book Club: A Book Lover’s Day Out

NOLA Silent Book Club: A Book-Lover’s Day Out

As someone who loves to read (mostly trash, but that’s beside the point), I have joined many a book club in my day. In the end, I either disliked the books or had trouble making the meet-ups. But New Orleans Silent Book Club is the perfect answer for busy moms who want to connect with other readers.

The concept of Silent Book Club started in San Francisco where two self-proclaimed introverts got together to read in companionable silence. Now operating 500 chapters in 50 countries, the clubs have a more structured approach with members coming together once a month to read for an hour and have open discourse and discussions about whatever it is they are reading. As a mom who can only muster the energy to tackle a few pages at a time before bed, this felt like a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I rallied two friends who also love to read, and we headed to Church Alley. Thankfully we got there early and grabbed a seat, as soon after 11 a.m. almost the entire shop had fallen dead silent, except for the occasional coffee order. My friends and I read until we reached a stopping point and heard other groups start to chat. We went around our little group and talked about our books, other books we thought we might like and even set up a little exchange so we could share.

I know it’s hard for moms to get out for solo social hour, but I felt like this was two hours well spent where I felt productive and revived. New Orleans Silent Book Club meets once a month, announcing their meet-ups on Instagram. You can follow them at @silentbookclubneworleans. Hope to see you there!


Shannon Corrigan
Shannon is a multitasking master, working full-time as a commercial real estate agent, and part-time as an adjunct professor at Loyola University and a wedding planner and former coordinator for Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings. She has a very active little boy named Louis and a husband who works as a professional musician. As hectic is their schedules can be, their home is always filled with music. Shannon is a proud resident of the Marigny triangle, living within spitting distance of the beloved R Bar. When not running after Louis, she enjoys local culinary excursions, sewing, reading and cooking donations for local non-profits for the food insecure.


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