American Heritage Inspired Iced Mocha

I recently wrote about my press trip to Nashville, thanks to our sponsors at American Heritage Chocolate, and as promised, I’m brining you a recipe using their decadent chocolate!!

I have to say, I LOVE chocolate. Love it! It’s part of the reason I still struggle to lose baby weight after 4+ years. When given the choice between any other sweet and chocolate, I choose chocolate. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, I don’t discriminate! All that to say, I have never had chocolate quite like this before.

American Heritage Chocolate is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. It is…refined. It is the Dom Perignon to my grocery store champagne. I figured what better way to make use of this chocolate than to combine it with one of my favorite drinks, coffee!!

easy iced mocha

Below you’ll find out how to make an easy and delicious iced mocha at home, using your favorite coffee, milk and American Heritage Chocolate.


8oz freshly brewed hot coffee
1 tablespoon chocolate shavings
2 tablespoons milk

easy iced mocha


Add about one tablespoon of the finely American Heritage finely grated chocolate shavings to your coffee cup. Pour your freshly brewed coffee (it needs to be piping hot) over the chocolate shavings and stirl. Refrigerate, or if you’re in a rush, because #momlife, simply pour it over a tumbler of ice and add the milk of your choice. I prefer half and half or almond milk.

homemade iced mochahomemade iced mochaiced mocha recipe

The same spices which were contained in chocolate consumed during Colonial Times are in American Heritage chocolate, including nutmeg, vanilla and red pepper.  It is a much more sophisticated chocolate than I’m used to. I love how it takes my ordinary coffee and transforms it into a savory and sweet treat that is, wait for it… low in sugar!!

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