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Ready or not, Monday morning is here, and you are late, late. It’s 7:30 am and you were supposed to be out the door by 7:15 am. Does this scenario sound familiar? So many factors of why you are not out the door. Is it the Monday blues, you slept in that extra 5 min, or maybe you failed on your intentions to make your future self-happy by pre-planning the week? Whatever the case is, I’ll make this post short and sweet with a few ways I plan for a successful week on Sundays.


During Sunday football, during lunch time, or naptime, set your ironing board up and get to steaming clothes for the week. Also, if you are crunched for time, set a timer and challenge yourself to get the task completed. Here’s a secret: I have two tiny humans who are not required to wear uniforms, but this momma creates her own uniforms for them. It saves lives, times, and tantrums. If they receive good behavior reports the entire week, then the following week they can choose whatever outfit of choice to wear on Friday.


Whether you choose a meal delivery service, grocery pick up, or cooking all your meals, have a plan. No need to have a fancy fridge organizer, chalkboard sign, or some Pinterest worthy picture of your meals for the week. Paper and pencil will get the job done. Don’t forget game nights; you may want to plan an Instant Pot, Crockpot, or take out meal for those nights.

Sunday Sit Down 

Take 10 dedicated minutes, grab the family calendar (or Google calendar) and quickly go through the goals of the work/school week with your partner (if applicable). Even throw in financial goals for the week (Should I really have that Starbucks PSL 7 times a week?).

Chit Chat

After bath time and book time, the last thing is having a little chit chat with the kids before the final 123543 kisses goodnight. Chit chat about breakfast. They wake up excited about breakfast and it’s a WIN-WIN situation. You know what’s for breakfast and they wake up ready to eat what they chose.


Once Monday starts, it’s no stopping. Take a moment and chill before the hustle and bustle of the week begins. Read a book, meditate, write in your journal, have a glass of wine, eat a donut, just DO YOU if only for 10 minutes!!

And now you are ready to WIN THE WEEK. Seriously parent, it’s easier read than done, but you most definitely can get these tasks complete if you take the time to get them done.  Some weeks are great and some weeks you want to just drink wine every night because the plans are working against you. Just breathe and try again.

Now, we come together and crush the week together. What other Sunday Prep tips do you have for us?

Nette Archangel
Originally from the village of Loreauville, Nette along with her wife, Jasmine and their two sons, Thomas and Lane moved to their favorite city after residing in Ruston, LA. . She is an education administrator who loves living in NOLA. When not running after the brodudes, you can find her organizing, planning, and jamming to Carrie Underwood. Already busy with supporting education and family, she finds time to be involved with the LGBT Community by serving as an administrator for NOLA GAY FAMILIES. Her goal in life is to acquire Carrie Underwood legs and to eat an entire salad one day (she's super picky eater)! Follow her on IG: @[email protected]


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