Save Big on Meats by Buying in Bulk {Guest Post by Northshore Mama}

zaycon logoDisclaimer: Please note that the links below to Zaycon Foods are affiliate links, meaning that I will receive a referral credit if you use them to sign up.

Hello, my name is Kari….and I buy meat from a truck….in a parking lot…behind a church.

I know, it sounds completely crazy, and I was rather skeptical myself. But, even though it took me a while to finally try it myself, I am SOLD! So, this month, I will introduce the NOMB readers to Zaycon Foods.

Zaycon Foods is a company based near Seattle, Washington. They sell meat in bulk, one (or a very few) things at a time. You order your case online, pay for it, then pick it up in the obscure and strange way I described at the beginning of this post.

Because of this method, there is very little overhead for them, no middleman, no waste….and they pass the savings all to you.

I have had three products so far. In February, we got our first 40 pound case of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. They are hormone free and had VERY little fat on them. It was probably the best chicken I have ever dealt chicken breastwith and it tastes wonderful, too! It’s fresh and hasn’t been frozen. It is in a case of 4 bags, 10 pounds each, so it’s easy to share it with someone. The chicken breasts were $1.89 per pound. That beats the grocery store prices, plus it’s better meat and much easier to clean and put away. If the 40 pounds part scares you, I can tell you that I put 5 gallon ziplocs in my freezer, plus kept about 2 meals worth out. So, it’s not as daunting as it sounds.

As you can see, they are GI-NORMOUS double lobed, breasts. This one pictured to the right was my average size and about the average amount of fat. The can is only there as a size reference. I have a family of 4, but my 4 and 8 yr olds eat like linebackers. Still, we use one, maybe one and a half of these for a meal. HUGE!

zaycon bacon thick editNext, we got bacon. The bacon was frozen in 3 lb packs, 12 to a case. Super easy to share. I was very leery about trying the bacon because I am kinda picky about that stuff. But, knowing how great the chicken was, and the price of $3.49 per pound. I split a case with my mom and gave it a try. Without a doubt, it was the best bacon I have ever tasted! Every time I cook it, I think “I probably over-reacted about this bacon because I was excited to try it.” Then I take the first bite, and I remember why I over-reacted. It is fabulous! It’s described as medium thickness, but I thought it was perfect! Also – have you priced bacon lately? Close to $7 will get you a 12 oz pack, not 16oz! So, this price is great for a very high quality product.

Finally, last week, we picked up a case of 93/7 lean ground beef. My husband had it all sorted and packaged in 1 lb baggies when I got home, but I made hamburger steak with it that night. When I tell you there was no smell whatsoever to the raw meat. It even felt different when I mixed it. It was so tender and tasted so good. Blown. Away.

ground beefSo, next month, we will receive items that are PERFECT to use all the skills you learn at NOMB Girl vs. Grill! It’s the Grilling Event to be delivered May 8. This delivery offers ribs, kielbasa, hot dogs and bacon wrapped pork filets.

Then, in June, there will be dark meat chicken. Split wings or boneless, skinless thighs in 40 pound cases.

These dates are all for the Hammond location, which is where I pick up. I am desperately trying to get a delivery in St. Tammany, but I am surprised that there is not one in the greater NOLA area at all. Laplace and Hammond are the closest. However, my connection told me that more people should sign up to get a spot added. So, even if you don’t order, please go ahead and sign up if you are interested at all!

I have even set up a thread on my blog Facebook page for people to find someone to share a case with. 30-40 pounds seems overwhelming, especially if you haven’t tried it. And, even though the unit cost or the per pound price is great, buying in bulk isn’t in everyone’s budget at any given time. So, I love to underscore the fact that these cases are packaged for easy sharing. Please don’t let that “bulk” part scare you away from some of the best tasting and freshest meats that I have ever had. For more details on how this all works, I have photos and a full post on Northshore Mama.

Sign up today and order for one of the upcoming deliveries!

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