Newest Mom Hack :: Target Restock

This mom of three is all about convenience. I love all things that make my life easier. I adore Amazon Prime and Walmart Grocery Pickup; I use them both weekly. But what is my newest addition to my favorite mom hacks? Target Restock! It has made my love for all things Target grow even more.

Have you heard of Target Restock? Let me tell you all about the best new thing to make your life easier.

Let me break it down how it works.

To start a Target Restock order, just go to Target’s website and create an account. If you have a Target Red Card, even better! Sign into your account and head on over to the Target Restock page.

From there, you will see the main shopping page broken down by categories. Target Restock has THOUSANDS of items to add. Wowza. Take note that this doesn’t include perishable items. Think personal care, food, household items and baby must-haves.

So go ahead and start adding your items! It will show you how much room is left in your Target box. If you have a Target Red Card, your box ships FOR FREE. Yep, FREE. If not, it’s $2.99 which is still a stellar deal for next day delivery on a box of 45 pounds if you ask me.

Once you are done adding to your box, place your order. If you place your order by 7PM Monday-Friday, your order will be delivered the next day. Pretty amazing, right? And if you have a Target Red Card, you not only get the $2.99 shipping fee waived but also your normal 5% off. What, what?!

Once your order is placed, you can track the progress online. It’s pretty neat. So go ahead and start shopping!

I know that other programs like Shipt can get you your order even faster, but with Target Restock you don’t have to pay the yearly fee of $99. So if you are looking for a cheaper option, this is for you!

Mary Olivio
Mary is a caffeine addicted boy mom to Noah, Liam and Luke. This “stay at home” mom can typically been found cruising in her minivan, jamming to Beyonce with a Starbucks in hand on her way to carpool or after school activities. Mary has been married to her high school sweetheart since 2007. She is a founder of Delivering Hope NOLA and the Vanessa Wolff Scholarship Fund at her Alma Mater. Mary is passionate in the local preemie community and has been heavily involved with the March of Dimes since her sons Liam and Luke were born premature.



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