Does anyone double coupon around here?

One of the most frequent questions I receive is “Does anyone double coupon around here?”

Well, unfortunately, the answer is not really!

We don’t have Kroger and HEB and all of those smaller chains that you see on the national blogs. Lots of people argue that we DO have stores that double locally. Piggly Wiggly and Fred’s have limited double days, but I have heard that there are many conditions, limitations and exclusions, so it’s really not worth your time and efforts.

K-Mart will have double days from time to time, and I even tried to do it one day. No one in the store knew that they were supposed to be doubling, plus there were so many rules that I swore I would never waste my time or coupons again!

How I “double coupon” at local stores

Choose a store that offers their own coupons. Target has tons of coupons on their website. Walgreens has a whole book of store coupons that they put out every month. CVS has the “magic coupon printer” and coupons that print out on your receipt. These are all STORE coupons and can therefore be stacked (used in conjunction) with a manufacturer’s coupon.

For example:

20120911-125551.jpgA while back, CVS had the Centrum FlavorBurst vitamins on sale for $6.99. I had a $2 coupon that I had printed (no longer available), but when I went into the store, the magic coupon printer gave me a coupon for $5 off. Since I can use “ONE CVS/pharmacy and ONE third-party manufacturer coupon per item” as per their policy, this item is a 1 cent moneymaker!


Now, there are a couple of other ways that you can double-dip, too. You can use SavingStar coupons at Winn Dixie, CVS and Rite Aid. SavingStar is a site with e-coupons. You select the coupons that you want, then if you purchase those items using your member cards at these stores, they will give you the amount of the coupon back into your account. Because this occurs a couple of days after the transaction, you can still use both store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons at the point of sale. Once you have $5 in your SavingStar account, you can cash it out to PayPal, as an Amazon gift card, or several other options.



Finally, my most recent discovery is IbottaIbotta is an app on your phone you can use to browse offers and complete simple tasks, like learning a fact about the product, taking a poll, or answering a trivia question. These tasks pay about 25 cents each, and you can complete one or all of the tasks on any number of products. Once you are ready to shop, you purchase the products that you want and have completed offers for, upload your receipt via your phone, select the offers that you are claiming to have purchased, and scan their barcode. Within 24 hours (in my experience – less than 1 hour!), the payments for the tasks you completed and purchased will be credited to your Ibotta account. Once you get to $5 in your account, you can cash it out to Paypal or donate it to any school in the US. Ibotta can be used at many of our local stores right now, including, but not limited to, Target, WalMart, CVS, Walgreens, 7-11, and many more. Just not at Winn Dixie yet. This is a new one for me and I am LOVING it!

Disclosure: I am an affiliate with SavingStar and receive reimbursement for coupons that are redeemed through my links. Ibotta offers referral credits of $1 per friend and the links in this post are my personal referral links.

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Kari headshotKari, born and raised on the Northshore, began Northshore Mama after her family experienced a couple of rough financial years.  Kari shares the tips and tricks to maneuvering each store’s different marketing of their sales, as well as introducing her readers to various programs and websites where she earns free stuff every day.  Northshore Mama’s mission is to bring you the coupon deals and show you how to match them up with each store’s weekly sales to get the most bang for your buck!



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