Why I Love Subscription Boxes

After I had my kids, when they were little particularly, getting out of the house was hard. It was such a production to prepare mentally/physically to go to the mall or any other place for that matter. And even though my husband was/is perfectly capable of taking care of the kids while I was gone, after a while I would start getting pictures of the kids and silly questions… a.k.a. he is wanting me to start thinking of my return.

Not always easy…

Besides the logistics of going out to get clothes or makeup, the energy and the self-confidence was not always there when the time (finally) came for me to go and try to find something that would fit my “in transition” body. A lot of times we don’t get many options for women “in-between,” meaning I am not a Forever 21 girl but not a complete J. Crew (stay-at-home mom here).

And I found one…

I found that one subscription box that would deliver a few pieces of clothing that 1. would fit me right (for the most part), 2. bring some new styles that I would probably not try at a store (some turned out to be really cool), and 3. I could try it at home, no-hassle, and send it back if I didn’t like it. The price was OK, not always very cheap, but I can say that it helped me get out of my yoga pants (when yoga pants begin to be a problem) a little. It helped me get back to wearing something new and different.

Later, I found one box that delivered beauty products, makeup, and skincare products. That also helped me to get the enthusiasm of wearing makeup (even just to stay at home sometimes) again. I enjoyed getting a little “present” with new things to try. Some give you links to watch makeup tutorials AND if you subscribe to a monthly one, you probably won’t need to buy makeup again (like, ever).

A few years back, I found this box that sends you seasonal boxes with a variety of items: candles, slippers, blankets, beauty products, etc. One year that I couldn’t think of a Christmas present, so I asked my husband to buy me the annual subscription, that way I would get 4 boxes a year of entertaining new items to try and play with, on his behalf… so I guess we can say his present came in installments, haha.

A little push…

As you can probably guess by now, I like trying new things and keeping things fun/entertaining enough to want to put a little effort into putting myself together in a way that made me feel more confident. Particularly in a time in my life when I couldn’t recognize my changing body and my energy was mostly on keeping two little ones alive and happy. I needed a little help to bring the attention back to myself a little.

Some boxes I used for a few months and then quit, others I switched to more animal-friendly, others I just grew out of, and one or two I kept, but I have to say that even though these boxes don’t sound like a big deal or an important thing to have, I really appreciate the fact that they helped me find the fun back of putting makeup on or dressing up for no reason sometimes. I used to enjoy it before and when my attention shifted, I kind of forgot about it.

If you feel you need a little push, whether try new styles in clothing or makeup, I would suggest giving it a try and see. There are a variety of prices for many budgets and some are customizable, too. If it doesn’t work, you just cancel it, and if it does… maybe you find that that pattern that you always thought you would never wear, goes wonderfully with your jeans!!


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