The Secret Life of Moms {Best Dry Shampoo}

Living in a Hole

Apparently, I’ve been living in a hole. I’ve heard about dry shampoo but never felt like it was something I’d ever use and maybe even secretly questioned those who did use it. Why don’t they just wash their hair? A French braid or ponytail works just as well when washing isn’t an option, doesn’t it? Does dry shampoo even do anything or is it just powder that masks the issue? Then I had an awakening.


I received an Aveda dry shampoo as a gift last year, and after a particularly tough week with the kids being sick and working long hours, I decided to give it a try. I was amazed at how well it worked to make my hair look and feel cleaner for the whole day. It looked as though I had washed and styled it. I had the same volume and bounce as when I wash and blow dry, but without spending the time.


  1. How does it work? In short, the alcohol or corn starch in dry shampoo soaks up excess oil and grease in your hair, giving it a fresher, cleaner appearance.
  2. How often can I use it? Most products indicate you should not use dry shampoo for more than two days in a row. The product can build up in your hair and leave residue and possibly flake (yuck!).
  3. Is this a substitute for wet shampoo? No. Wet shampoo not only cleans your hair, but your scalp, too and adds moisture. Dry shampoo strips moisture so overuse can damage your hair by making it brittle.
  4. What are your favorite brands? I have tried several brands with several bases. My favorite corn starch base is the Aveda brand. It works well on dark or light hair and is super easy to use. The Aveda brand runs about $31 for 2oz and lasted me about 6 months. My new ultimate favorite is the Big Sexy Hair. This one takes a bit more time to use because you spray, let dry (save time and brush your teeth while you wait) and brush it out, but it smells amazing and adds a ton of volume. I got this can for $18 and it’s lasted me about 3 months.

Mom Hack

I now consider dry shampoo an ultimate mom-hack. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it yet, get on this bus because it’s truly a time saver. I’ve always liked my hair better a day after washing and now I get that look for an extra day every week. Add this to your list of “must try’s” and let me know how you like it!


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