I Did It! A Boudoir Session

Have you ever thought about doing a photoshoot half nude? Neither have I. So, when I took the courage to sign up for a Boudoir photo shoot, the first thought in my mind was, “What the hell did you just do?”

When I first saw the ad about being an ambassador with the Boudoir company I participated with, I honestly was doing it just for giggles. I basically thought that I would never get it, also that I’m not cute let alone slim enough to even have the guts to go all the way through.

The email that said it all

A few days passed; I actually forgot all about signing up. I received an email saying I was in and all I needed to do was follow the instructions to set up my date.

Setting up for the date I had butterflies. Like, I’m really doing this, OMG! As I close my eyes and hit submit, a sigh of relief came out. It felt super exciting to actually do something for me. Something that’ll make me feel good about myself.

The search begins with doubt of course

As the weeks passed, I was stressing. Nothing fit or looked the way I wanted it. So many ideas came to mind, friends had so many opinions on what to wear, I was super overwhelmed. I was just about to cancel until I checked out the Facebook group. This group was full of so many women who felt the same as I did while posting so many beautiful pictures of themselves, expressing their experiences from the beginning, middle, and end. It was such a beautiful thing, seeing women lift each other up in a community of all positivity. That was the motivation I needed!

The day of the shoot…

I felt like a celebrity, I got my makeup and hair done. And I was ready. Still very nervous but excited.

The photographer texts the location. I never met this woman nor talked to her. I’ve only communicated with her via text.  So, I had my boyfriend drop me off to make sure it wasn’t any scams going on. Safety first. Goes without saying it was legit.

My photographer was Christine, and when I walked in, she was so friendly. She made me feel so comfortable, and it felt like I was talking with a lifelong friend.  We sat down and she asked me why. As I was explaining my why, I had to remind myself that I was someone before I was a mom. I would get dressed up, go out and feel beautiful. I walked with confidence and pride. And somehow, I lost that. So, I figured this show would remind me of that person.

During the shoot, I felt amazing, I literally felt like a model. The music was playing, my photographer was assisting me with all the cute poses, and also boosting me up. I felt Like a QUEEN!

This experience was the best I’ve ever had. I felt beautiful and my photos came out gorgeous. I can’t wait to get them! If you ever get the chance to do a Boudoir photoshoot, DO IT. Do it for yourself, It brings out something inside you never knew you had. I can say I’m plus size and I look good for my size. I still struggle with it sometimes but when my pictures come in, that’s going to be the reminder I need.

Have you ever done a boudoir shoot? Would you? Let’s chat about it.

Ja’Nae was born in Houma and raised on the outskirts of New Orleans known as the Westbank, where she still resides. She’s currently dating her boyfriend of 3 years and together they raise their daughter A’nylah. After attending Jackson State University, she moved back to New Orleans and then earned her master’s at Full Sail University in Public Relations, she currently works part-time at a local Bra Boutique where she enjoys helping women feel good about themselves. In her free times, she’s looking for the latest fashion trends, working out, learning how to organize her life, relaxing by enjoying a good movie or series and finding fun things to do with her new family.


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