All Girls Can! Help Fund a Local Mom’s Kickstarter Campaign by Pre-Ordering Inspiring Shirts!

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by All Girls Can. That said, we would love to have you join us in support of this local mom with a positive message. You can help by pre-ordering these inspiring shirts through the Kickstarter Campaign!

All Girls Can! Help Fund a Local Mom’s Kickstarter Campaign by Pre-Ordering Inspiring Shirts!

The message of All Girls Can is simple: Strong Girls = Strong World.

If we teach our girls how to have confidence and give them the freedom to express themselves, we will all benefit All Girls Canfrom a world with stronger more empowered girls. It is important to raise confident girls who know how to speak up for what they want in life. The message that ALL GIRLS CAN be anyone they choose, do anything they put their mind to and make a difference in our world is an important one that needs to weave itself into the fabric of everything we communicate to girls, starting with their clothes.

The current clothing choices for girls in mainstream stores are the opposite of inclusive, and companies like this one need to challenge those choices. There is no reason why the choices for girls should be only pink and purple, sparkly hearts, flowers and rainbows and the choices for boys should be blue and green with sports, dinosaur, truck and space themes. Gender cliches in clothing are not helping anyone. It has been proven repeatedly through research that girls are much less likely to speak up in class, to want to be the leaders for class projects, and to volunteer for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) clubs and activities. Girls are still dumbing down their behavior every day to “impress” the boys with how silly and “girly” they can be. All Girls Can wants to spread empowering messages to help girls feel strong and confident about what they like and what they want in life.

The initial focus of All Girls Can is to inspire confidence and self esteem in girls, but they have unisex options that boys will love to wear too!

All Girls Can believes if they can make a cute shirt that a kid loves to wear, it’s a job well done, but if they can make a cute shirt that also makes them hold their head a little higher because the message on their shirt makes them feel confident and unstoppable … then this business will be successful in the most meaningful way there is. All Girls Can is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to allow pre-orders and help them to be able to place their initial order of shirts and onesies and launch the business. The campaign will end on JUNE 12th, and the business will hopefully launch online shortly after providing the campaign is successful.

When All Girls Can launches, they plan to donate 50¢ from every sale to organizations dedicated to empowering girls such as Girl Scouts, Girls Who Code, Girls, Inc. & Girls on the Run. This business is about more than just selling shirts. They want to help make a difference with their message and their donations.

Extra Bonus With Pre-Orders

 If you pre-order through the Kickstarter campaign and help this business come to life, you will also get an EXTRA BONUS. All Girls Can will send you a code for FREE SHIPPING + 20% OFF your first order on the website PLUS you will be entered to win a prize pack with one of every design on a Shirt AND a Onesie AND an Adult logo shirt and an All Girls Can magnet, sticker and button. (Code will be sent after the Kickstarter campaign ends).

All Girls Can was started by Sara Dewitt, a Marketing executive in New Orleans, LA and Mid-City Mom to twin 3 year old girls, Audrey and Eva. Before her current role as Director of Marketing for Abita Brewing Company, she was the Marketing Director for CC’s Coffee House for 4 years and based out of Baton Rouge. She is so passionately against the negative messages being sent to our girls every day by their clothing choices, media and entertainment, that she decided to take matters into her own hands. She believes that a t-shirt can be more than just something to wear if the message can change the way a girl sees her place in the world.



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