I Finally Know What It Means To Be Tired – Life & Beauty As A New Mom

Disclosure :: We have been working with Kismet Cosmetics for about five years. If you attend our events you likely have personally met her or her team while sampling her products. It is our pleasure to welcome her to motherhood and share this sponsored post. 

I Finally Know What It Means To Be Tired – Life & Beauty As A New Mom

As I am writing this, I am covered in breast milk, my hair hasn’t been washed in days and I I Finally Know What It Means To Be Tired – Life & Beauty As A New Momhaven’t had more than 4 hours of straight sleep since my daughter was born. Oh I am also holding her while typing with one hand. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I am a business owner trying to juggle the crazy world of being a new mom, running my own beauty brand and keeping myself sane. The last part is what I seem to find the hardest.

The weeks after she was born, I remember looking into the mirror and seeing the dark circles getting bigger each day. My skin began looking dull and my lips chapping. I have a theory; breastfeeding takes all the moisture out of your skin.

The day that beautiful baby is born, life, as you know it is different. Every ounce you have goes into the new love of your life. But you often leave yourself behind. Understandably so, you now have made room for the most important piece of your heart, so something has to be pushed aside. That often times are ourselves.

I am here to say, I get it. I TOTALLY get it. I understand the unwashed hair. The no makeup grocery runs. The yoga pants that you cannot recall the last time you washed them.

Motherhood had me rethinking my beauty line in its entirety. We are still women, not just moms. We still have the occasional date nights and life events to attend. And if you are like me, you still want to look your best with a cute dress and your hair and makeup perfect to match. But my skin has changed. Those ‘dark circles’ I thought I had pre-baby are now for real, and no amount of color correctors or concealer will help.

So I identified my biggest, post-baby beauty issue (the under eyes) and set out to find a solution. As I always do with any products I develop, I created a checklist:

  • Must visibly reduce bags and dark circles instantly. We don’t have a month to wait for a product to work; we are in the throws of motherhood!
  • Must have long-term benefits for the skin, not just superficial. I don’t want to be Cinderella, why waste our time on something that wears off.
  • Must be flexible with application. Easy to travel with and wouldn’t need water to rinse off.
  • Can be used prior to an evening out. This when we need it the most, right ladies?
  • Must be made with safe, natural ingredients

Out of this came my first, momma-friendly beauty product, Kismet’s Perfect Hydrogel Eye Masks. They are these fun, gel face mask application that you stick to your under eye circles for 15-20 minutes while you are getting ready. After your time is up, peel them off and gentle massage the remaining serum into your skin, it will thank you for it. Once it dries, apply your makeup like normal, except the new normal will look like well-rested mom.

I have the platform to impact the confidence of moms out there. And I want to make sure I do it justice. I have experienced motherhood first hand, and want to find real-life, realistic solutions to our mom-problems. I am always taking suggestions and asking advice over on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Feel free to drop us an email and tell me what beauty product you WISH was out there to make you feel more beautiful.

I hope you are able to try the first of our momma-friendly beauty products! I am creating more in the near future. Stay tuned…and sign up for our emails to receive 10% off your first purchase at www.kismetcosmetics.com.

A business owner, a beauty editor for Edge Magazine, a CNBC reality show personality, a wife and a new momma! My name is Caitlin Picou and I am owner and creator of the local boutique beauty brand, Kismet Cosmetics. But my best role yet, is becoming a mother to my sweet Ruby James in February. She is my first and has totally rocked my world (and business) in a positive way. How do I stay sane? One glass of Persecco at a time. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat (woah that was a lot!)


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