Festive AND Fashionable for Carnival Season

Mardi Gras attire has come a long way since I was a kid, y’all. I distinctly remember my Granny’s multi colored ‘tinsel’ style wig that she wore with her purple, green and gold shirt. I was dressed as Alvin (as in the Chipmunks) and my cousin was Michael Jackson from the Thriller video. Can you tell it was the 80’s?


Back then, we had to be creative. And I love that some people still make their own costumes, get super creative and unique. But that’s not me – I’m generally a Pinterest fail. Plus, I also like to look fashionable at the same time. I LOVE makeup and fashion, so Mardi Gras is really fun for that side of me. False lashes? Yes, please. Purple lipstick? Bring it on. Sparkly themed shirt? Make it two.

If you haven’t planned your parading attire yet, here are

some great local options you can scoop up before you can say “It’s Carnival time!”

Fun earrings

My favorites are REBL creative tassel earrings and the king cake studs from Phina. I lean towards light earrings and the REBL ones are perfect. They give you the look of a larger, fun hoop, but they are super lightweight. I also couldn’t pass up the king cake studs, I love how unique they are. King cake in my belly and on my ears!

Themed and sparkly everything

There are so many great options for themed shirts these days, regardless of the season. There’s no shortage of Mardi Gras tees and there’s something for everyone. I received so many compliments on Monogram Junkie’s ‘Running on fried chicken, king cake and booze‘ tee! Because let’s be honest, it’s pretty much all of our diets on any given parade route, on any given day. I also like the crown tee at Sarah Ott; it’s really versatile for any outfit. I even dressed mine up for a lunch meeting with dress pants and metallic gold heels. It looks equally great with jeans and sparkly joggers for parade day.

Scarves galore

Mardi Gras falls early this year and with this crazy cold weather, scarves are coming in handy! My Loomed Nola turkish scarf is on repeat all season, pairing well with jeans or a dress. I also adore my Nolafionnah chevron scarf; it’s an infinity one so it hugs your neck perfectly.

Dressed up or down, you can be festive from the office to the avenue! Laissez les bon temps rouler!


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