The Story of Us :: I Fell in Love With You When

I fell in love with youstoryofus

… when I saw you in the student union. Long hair, tall and you didn’t speak to me.

… when we went out to the local bar (the Caterie) to see our favorite local band (Janka Joe)

… when you asked me what I wanted and I replied “I just want to dance.”

… when you kissed me and didn’t press for more.

… when you wanted to introduce me to your parents and brother.

… when you held my hair from a night of too much partying.

… when you told me I was beautiful.

… when you told me you already knew what you would name your first born son.

… when you spoke so eloquently and impressed my parents.

… when you urged me to study harder.

… when you wrote a song about me. And even more so every time that your band played “Promise to Stay.”

… when you told me you wanted to marry me on our couch in our first apartment even though your parents thought we were too young.

… when you never gave up on your dreams of medical school.

… when you never missed seeing me during the entire span of our three year long distance relationship.

… when you asked me to be your partner in life.

… when I saw you at the end of the aisle.

… when I saw the look on your face after the extra pink line appeared.

… when you held me when I said goodbye to my Maw-Maw.

… when you rubbed my back every night of my pregnancy.

… when you held my hand when I was terrified of my C-section.

… when you held our first son for the first time.

… when I saw the look on your face after the extra pink line appeared for a second time.

… when you held our second son for the first time.

… when you read bedtime stories to our children.

… when you pick up flowers at the grocery “just because.”

… when you push me to take care of myself.

… when you still make me laugh like no one can.

… when I think about our future.

I fell in love with you over 13 years ago when I laid eyes on you. I fall more in love with you with every passing milestone. There is no one else I would rather go on this crazy ride called life.


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