Introducing Courtney, mother, educator, and recent expert on fire engines

Jacob, Jack, Cora and me, thanks to Little Fish Photography

I’m excited to be here!  Both as a part of this blog and as a mother in this city.  In addition to those above, labels that attach appropriately to me as of late: wife, mother to a newborn (aka, sleepless in New Orleans), part-time Director of Literacy for a charter school network, La Leche League leader, Christian, blogger, foodie, and “aspiring.”  The last one precedes a list of things at the moment: aspiring runner (after a 9 month break), aspiring cook (after an 8.5 month break), and aspiring individual (just want to make sure that one doesn’t get lost amongst the many other roles a mom plays!)

I’ve been dubbed the “natural parenting expert,” a label I’m not entirely comfortable with – mainly because what’s the opposite, “unnatural parenting?”  But I do have some insights into natural birth, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering, which I’m excited to share.  Be on the lookout for posts on the Bradley Method childbirth classes and lots of tips on breastfeeding.

A Courtney Landry ideal day would definitely include the rest of the Landry clan: husband Jacob, high energy 2.5 year old Jack, and baby Cora.  All members present please.  Since this most likely means it is the weekend, we’ll say it’s Saturday and start off with a trip to the Crescent City Farmer’s Market.  Since it’s the summer, we’ll focus on peaches, tomatoes, and breakfast treats.  Then to a park for a breakfast picnic; our current favorite is Lawrence Square Park.  Note to weather: no torrential downpours today, please!

Wouldn’t it be nice if all family moments were this idyllic?

Since this is my ideal day, anything can happen, so why not naps all around?  These would be followed by a lazy lunch at home on our porch, lots of books (about fire engines of course: this one is cute, this one, short and sweet!) and snuggles, time alone to get some things done, and a walk in the neighborhood (thank you BOB Revolution Duallie).

You can even pick up your laundry in this thing!

Then, on this ideal day, some beloved grandma, aunt, or friend would magically appear and take over home duties, so Jacob and I could go out to dinner.  Revise that. Actually, my husband would have planned all this and would also have made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants (Coquette, Lilette, La Petite Grocery, Boucherie – interesting that these are all French names…) and we’d go out for a leisurely dinner that timed itself perfectly between Cora’s feedings so I didn’t have to pump.

Then we’d fall asleep and everyone would actually sleep through the night.  Such a simple, but beautiful thing!

When the stars align, your whole family is home and you have a lazy afternoon ahead of you, what do you like to do?


  1. Enjoyed reading your post. You have a beautiful family. I like to sit in the back yard sipping lemon water and reading a good book.

  2. A lazy afternoon? What’s that?! Just kidding… When we have a chance to enjoy a slow weekend afternoon, we love to take Jane to MCC and swim in the kids pool. She thinks it so funny to splash herself.

  3. Such a well written intro! Love your perfect day. LOL re: perfectly timed feeding so you dont have to pump. I think you and I have the same idea of a great day!


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