Hidden Gems :: Five Places to Eat That You Probably Haven’t Tried

If there’s one thing New Orleans knows how to do, it’s surprise. This is particularly true with places to eat. Sometimes, location keeps hidden gems from being found. Other times, it’s our own closed mindedness about the grub or the way the place looks from the outside. So, because you never know when you’re going to walk through a sketchy door and find your new favorite boutique restaurant or try octopus ceviche and love it…

Top Five Places to Eat (that you may not have tried)


Wedged between Short and Fern on Earhart Blvd near Carrollton, this sushi and hibachi restaurant is easily overlooked. Don’t let the odd location fool you. The food is excellent and super fresh, and the service is great. It’s tiny, so not ideal for large parties or kids, but it’s great for a date or double date. The staff (Nick) is very helpful and outgoing. And if you can’t make it out of the house, they deliver!


The Haitian cuisine this vendor serves in the St. Roch Market is stellar. This is my favorite place in the Market, and it’s good for those “clean eaters” out there. I discovered it while doing one of Emily’s clean eating challenges. Try the Smothered Greens! And the fried plantains for the kiddos.

Russell’s Marina Grill

A good friend of mine introduced me to the breakfast here a month or so ago. I had no idea it was up at the lake and was thrilled over the breakfast menu. It was so extensive that it was hard to decide what to order! On top of the great food, the service is good, and it’s kid friendly.

Taqueria Guerrero Mexico

This Mexican place is located next to Angelo Brocato’s. I was skeptical when our friends said this was the best Mexican food around, but it totally delivered. The food is authentic fare, and the prices are unbeatable. They serve Mexican soft drinks to go with the chow, and it’s BYOB if you’re wanting something stronger with your meal.

This last place is not in a weird location, it just underwent a face lift to its exterior, and you’ve definitely heard of it. What puts it on this list is what you may not have realized about it…

Dorignac’s Bakery

Dorignac’s is well known for its wine selection, prepared foods, and friendly employees, but what you probably don’t know is that it has one of the best bakeries in New Orleans. The bakery is located at the front of the store next to the check out lanes. The lighted glass cases have every confection you can think of. It is an excellent Saturday morning stop for donuts where the selection rivals every donut shop in town. And the employees are really kind to the kiddos.

If you have a hidden gem or two that you’d like to share, please let us know! Happy Munching, Y’all!

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Jill headshotJill majored in English at Ole Miss and received her M.Ed. in English at Delta State University. This Mississippi girl has been married to her husband, Bert, for ten years (nine of which have been spent here in the Big Easy). After working in market research and the N.O. public school system, Jill became a stay at home mom. Today, when not carpooling their three children back and forth from school to activities and church, the self-described Starbucks addict enjoys reading, running, and cooking. She is a member of the Junior League of New Orleans, is a room parent at Lycée Français where her children attend school, and serves on her church’s Children’s Ministries Committee.


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