Dating Your Spouse: Find the Time!

I know, I know. You’re tired, exhausted even. You and your significant other haven’t been on a date in weeks, maybe even months. You could try and find a babysitter, but you just don’t have the time for you to go on a proper date. Make the time, y’all!

I have been following Momma Society on Instagram since I think my first baby was born, around four years ago. Recently she has talked about how she and her husband have implemented a dating plan to follow, the 2/2/2 dating plan. Basically, every two weeks you & your significant other go out for a night, every two months the two of you go out of town for a weekend, and every two years you go out of town for a week. I realize this is not ideal for people who don’t live close to family or don’t have the ability to leave their children with someone they trust overnight, but personally this plan is a new goal for me.

My husband and I are pretty lucky in that we live very close to most of our kids’ grandparents who are very willing to babysit. If anything, we get to have a little date night at least once every few weeks on average. I love the fact that this plan has it set up to go on some kind of little getaway that you can look forward to. Before having kids, I loved to travel and go on trips, big or small. We don’t do that often now, but I’m hoping as our kids get older that will come a little easier.

Our usual date nights lately have consisted of pretty much the same thing: grabbing dinner and then binge-watching The Office or Game of Thrones when we get home, with a little bit of doing mundane household tasks that are easier to do when our boys aren’t home. Thrilling, right?! I think one of our goals this year though is to step up our date nights and really make the most of the 2/2/2 plan.

If you’re in a dating rut, here are some date night ideas that I’m keeping up my sleeve for our next date night opportunity:

What are some of your favorite things to do for date night, or something you’re keeping in your back pocket for your next date night? Remember, always find time to date your spouse / significant other!

Meghan Culpepper
Meghan lives on the Northshore with her husband, Brandon, and their two boys. She grew up on the Northshore and happily settled back in to raise her family there. When she's not playing referee between her 4 & 2 year olds, she enjoys watching the Food Network and trying to actually learn how to cook (or bake!) Meghan loves being a boy mom and can probably win at any kind of Ninja Turtle trivia.


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