Mom’s Night Out: I Just Can’t Hang Like I Used To

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Mom’s Night Out:  I Just Can’t Hang Like I Used To

I’m.Never.Drinking.Again. We’ve all been there. What started out as a seemingly regular night out turned into you going ham on some shots and various other mixers. Why does it seem that since I’ve had kids, my “overdoing it” has only worsened?

Yay it’s the weekend! Oh wait, I’m a mom

It’s not like I don’t get out – I have a monthly dinner with a group of friends, book club every two months, date night every 6-8 weeks. So it’s as if I NEVER go anywhere. It took getting a little too excited about three instances in a row to learn my lesson. It’s just that once you have kids, the ability to just pick up and go anywhere you please completely disappears.

My favorite comedian, Aziz Ansari, said it best:

“All my friends are having kids, going to birthday parties and parks on the weekends. They ask me what I’m doing today and I say, ‘Whatever the hell I want to do, because I don’t have kids!”

I think the idea of just getting out the house after dark, only to be responsible for myself, gets me so excited I tend to go a little bananas.

Go big or go home

The last time this occurred was when I learned my lesson. I started sticking to only one alcohol of choice and drinking water in between every drink. Because let’s face it, we don’t bounce back in our thirties like we did in our twenties. My husband and I managed a last minute date night with another couple to a great new restaurant we had been wanting to try. My friend and I planned our outfits and got all dolled up. We started dinner with wine, a bottle I believe. Dinner was delicious, so why not round it out with a dessert and great port wine? We were ready to party at that point, so we went on to the Irish House. A hard cider, Guiness and one Irish car bomb later, we headed home to make gin gimlets. Hey, it seemed like a great idea at the time. I don’t recall a whole lot after that, but thank God I was already home. I do remember that I couldn’t figure out how to get my dress off, so I slept in it, makeup and all (which is usually a huge no no for me). Keeping it classy.

I should have just gone home

The next day was one where you wake up wishing you were dead, because theres no way you could feel any worse. I literally only went from the bed to the couch, the couch to the bed, all day. I drank Pedialyte and ate a single saltine cracker. I decided then that next time I would calm my excitement and learn to pace myself. Better yet, next date night I want take out, pajamas and Netflix. My oldest son just kept saying “Mommy, does your head still hurt?” This is parenting at its finest, people.

As my parade approaches (I ride in Cleopatra), I’m taking a lesson from previous instances and bringing lots of water! So take it from me: next time you get a night out, relish it. Pace yourself. Recognize that you are no longer 21 and invincible. We create little tiny humans, birth them and raise them but we cannot hang like we use to. But that’s ok, because my kids still think I’m pretty awesome.

Have you ever overdone it since becoming a mom? What’s your ideal night out?


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