In Favor Of :: The Child-Free Weekend Getaway

My husband and I have a five day trip planned for next month, sans toddler, and I have literally been counting down for at least three months. I love my baby, but let’s be honest, and any parent knows this (whether they’re willing to admit it or not), toddlers, or kids for that matter, are time consuming and demanding. And, in this current stage, where her needs being met depend solely on us providing them for her, often leaves both my husband and I exhausted, especially after a full day’s work. 

And this, is exactly why I look forward a few days of uninterrupted time with him, whenever we can get it. We have been leaving her overnight since she was a few months old and while the first time was hard, I quickly realized, it really was the best decision for my husband and myself and our marriage. It’s really quite amazing what a full night’s sleep and your body waking up naturally (read: not jolted awake by a tiny toddler tyrant screaming at 5am) can do for your mood, and everything else. 

While we’re away, we do FaceTime her a bit, but we also make it a priority to stay present in the moment. Sometimes we plan for some fun activities, and other times, we have absolutely zero plans on the agenda, which is exactly what we need at the time.

Even just 24 hours allows us the chance to talk and spend uninterrupted time with each other. Whether the topic is a top priority or something silly, it’s so nice for it to be just the two of us for a bit. And, when we return home, we’re always ready for the snuggles and hugs with our baby, but we’re more relaxed, in-sync, rejuvenated and overall ready to conquer whatever comes at us, at least until the next get away. 

So, when did you start leaving your babies for getaways with your spouse and how often do you do it?!


  1. This couldn’t be more true. It is great that you and your hubby are able to take time away. My husband and I just returned from a 2 night away getaway. It was much needed. I hope you both have an OH SO FABULOUS trip!!! Get some rest!

  2. My husband and I had a weekend away after 7 years and it was SO GOOD for us! Our marriage needed it so bad! Spoiler alert: the kids survived!


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