We’re Best Friends and Politically Opposite :: How We Maintain Our Views, Sanity and Friendship

We’re Best Friends and Politically Opposite :: How We Maintain Our Views, Sanity and Friendship

By: Tara Rosenkranz & Becky Meany Schmalz

There are some topics we will intentionally NOT address here because the spirit of this post is not to debate who is “right” but rather demonstrate that friendships can prosper across party lines. We CAN maintain our views, sanity and friendships.

Same Core Values

Particularly during election season, it’s important to remember that we can each be passionate without having disdain. The two of us have known each other for a long time and we didn’t know each other’s political views before we became close friends. With the rise of social media and hot-button topics in the forefront of many conversations, we are often aware of someone’s political alignment before we know them as a human. Judgements are made and people aren’t given a chance to show who they are as a person before being condemned. We are living in an age of unfriending and it’s going to be our downfall. We truly believe that the reason we stay so close and have dramatically different political beliefs is that we both want what’s best for Americans: economic prosperity for all, access to quality education and healthcare, inclusivity and equality, job growth… the list goes on. We generally have the same goals – we simply don’t agree how to get there.

Economic Prosperity

Both of us want our cities, state and country to prosper and be economically stable. We want those around us to be have unlimited opportunities and the ability to provide for their families. We both want plentiful jobs and safe careers. We want fair pay and job security.

Access to Quality Education

As current and former teachers, as well as parents of seven children between us, we have strong desires to improve the overall quality of education in this country. We want higher pay for teachers, access to services for children in need, safe schools and a curriculum that meets the needs of all students.

Adequate Healthcare

We both desire affordable healthcare options for all Americans. We want coverage for preexisting conditions and sufficient maternity coverage. We firmly believe that our children and elderly need to be taken care of and preventive care should be accessible to everyone.

Look for the Common Ground

Our friendship is an example of how relationships can prosper when one chooses to look a little deeper than the political views that divide us. Being in an echo chamber is the worst thing we can do for our growth as human beings. How can we do better and learn if we never allow ourselves to actually LISTEN to those who are different than us? We choose to discuss most things openly and respectfully and are able to maintain a healthy friendship with strong connections by focusing on what binds us.


  1. A great final article and something we should all aspire to. We can all be better than the division that is way too prevalent in this day and age. You two are a testament to what we can and should be. I will miss your articles Tara. ❤️


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