Not Your Average Bonus Mom

Bonus Mom…

I have always loved that term. Not the mom that birthed you but the one that got blessed with the opportunity to have you in their lives.  I am a bonus mom. In 2020, being a bonus mom is not the most unique of scenarios. Blended families are quite prevalent now. My family’s set up is a bit different than most, perhaps not an anomaly but I have yet to encounter another bonus parent/kid set up like ours. My bonus daughters and I are about 5 years apart in age.  WOW, right?!  This makes for an interesting dynamic.

When we first met like most bonus parents, I was very worried they would not like me. This was amplified by 100 because they are adults, right? If they did not like me surely, they would be vocal and say so. I was terrified. I do not remember talking very much during our first encounter. I remained very quiet, shy, and awkward for the duration of our visit. Afterward, they let my husband know that they liked me. I was relieved, to say the least. That was almost 3 years ago.

Over these last three years, my relationships with each of them has flourished. I love my big girls just like I do my mini-me.  Our bond is more of a friendship rather than your typical parent-child situation. I can call them for advice, help, or just a laugh and they can do the same with me. I have always thought that I got blessed with my mini because I needed a best friend. Someone that would love me at my lowest, through all the flaws, unconditionally.  I believe the same thing happened when my older girls came into my life. God knew I needed them, and I would like to think that he knew they needed me too. They have brought so much joy & love to my life.

My life would not be the same without those two beautiful young ladies in it. They keep me on my toes, remind me to hold my head high and the laughs are endless. Having the opportunity to be a bonus mom is one of the greatest blessings of my life.

My girls, Marissa, Selena & Lauren
Vianca Price
Vianca is a very social Afro Latina, millennial mom, wife and grandma. She hails from a small town in Central Florida and landed in Southeast Louisiana purely by accident. She has lived a whirlwind life and is a very proud woman in long term recovery from drugs and alcohol. She and her husband, Will, currently reside in Ponchatoula with their youngest daughter, Selena (the mini) and their three dogs. Vianca enjoys all the wonderful events Louisiana living has to offer. She and her mini can usually be found at any number of local events, living their best lives. She is very passionate about health and wellness journeys, which led her to starting her own meal prep service, Keto Kween Vee. Her mission in life is to help others.


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