Dear Co-Worker…

Dear Co-worker,

I miss you…

I miss seeing your smiling face every morning as I run in late with my keys falling out of my hand and my bag sliding off my shoulder.

I miss going into your office, shutting the door and doing a silent scream when I am overwhelmed and frustrated.

I miss finding reasons to visit your office when I am passing the time waiting for my next conference call.

I miss seeing your son because the school bus drops him off every day. I miss him giving the biggest smile and hug because he knows I think having a son is the coolest thing in the world.

I miss you telling me stories about the angry customer that called 10 times in 5 minutes because they didn’t get the answer they wanted.

I miss sending you a hilarious text from across the room and waiting for your facial expression once you read it.

I miss working together and getting things done as a group; even when the work was tedious or stressful.

I miss convincing you to save your lunch until tomorrow and ordering out with me because I want to stress eat.

I miss our normal.

Through all the frustrations and changes that COVID-19 has created I miss my usual human connection. I miss the people who make my days easier with a smile or an unexpected doughnut and coffee. The people I work with are my friends, they are my family, at times they are my biggest headache; but they are what keep me going. These are the people who get me through my toughest days. These are the people who make my days great, they make me laugh, smile, and sometimes skip and dance. They check on me, they help me raise my kids, they are a shoulder to cry on.

My co-workers know what I need when I don’t say a word because they see me. They see my eyes, they see my frazzled hair, they know when I need extra support without me asking for help. This connection cannot be replaced with a Zoom or Google Hangout call. They can’t sneak my daughters a candy when I’m not looking or bring them special crayons just because. They can’t walk in with a milkshake that they picked up while they went out for lunch. They can’t because they are sitting in their living rooms juggling work and children just like I am.

So to my co-workers, I want you to know that I appreciate and miss all of you. I can’t wait to see you again and give all the hugs and high fives y’all can handle!

Seleigh is a New Orleans native currently residing in Waggaman with her husband and two daughters. She stayed local and received her undergraduate degree from Loyola University New Orleans and Master’s from the University of New Orleans. She currently works at a New Orleans charter school as a School Operations Leader. As a life long civil servant she has found her passion dedicating her days to NOLA’s youngest residents! Seleigh spends her weekends running between extra curricular activities for her girls, festival hopping and enjoying dinner at her favorite restaurants.


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