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Disclosure :: Project Love sponsored this post. Project Love is a sleepwear line and brand created and developed by women, for women. Their beautiful, colorful and comfortable lounging clothes are solidly crafted in the United States, and 51% of the profits benefit a group of women in Haïti to strengthen their education, thereby giving them valuable life skills. Project Love allows women to be citizens of the world, creating a global platform with no middleman. 

Pajamas With a Purpose :: Love Yourself, Love Others

As moms, I think we can all agree that deciding what to wear to bed is typically just one more decision that overwhelms us. By the end of the day, many of us simply have nothing left to give. We’ve been on our feet chasing toddlers, in our cubes answering clients, in our cars shuttling kids to school and on our phones coordinating all the calendars. We are tired. We are exhausted. We just want to get in bed and crash. And what we wear to do so often becomes entirely irrelevant, especially when we’re not even sure if we’re actually going to sleep. By which we mean that we’re unnamedprepared to answer footed PJs toddling into our room at all hours of the night.

After I took my shower last night, I went through the usual ritual of heading to my closet to choose pajamas. The cooler temperatures have made me want to wear warm and comfortable clothing around the house. As I pulled out yoga pants, a t-shirt and a fleece Saints sweater (sexy, right?), a little pink nightgown fell out of my drawer. I couldn’t help but smile as I touched the cheap fabric. I purchased it during my study-abroad year in Germany and completely forgot about it. I had just met an awesome guy (who turned out to become my husband) and for the first time in my life, I went to buy lingerie to surprise him. Having no money, I ended up buying a polyester slip with flowers. I felt unsure about this purchase, and it hid in my student desk for a couple of weeks before I gathered enough courage to wear it on our first weekend trip together. It was snowing outside, and major PDA happened that night. I have not worn the nightgown in years, and I barely remembered that I still had it.

Comparing my pre-children life to today’s, I couldn’t help but reflect on how my life has changed right along with my sleepwear. I sometimes miss those days when my little nightgown was all I needed to feel sexy and appealing. Nowadays, with two daughters under the age of three, I clock in as many hours of sleep as I can, especially since my youngest nurses every single hour at night. The love-making is not as frequent, and my night clothing hasn’t been terrific or sexy. Heck, who has time to switch outfits between diapers and breastfeeding? Having young children changes everything, and the lace disappeared from my nightgowns right along with my sleep and sanity. While I love to wear lingerie during the day, at night I want to feel pretty, sexy AND comfortable (emphasis on the comfortable) because as soon as I hit the bed, I usually plan to actually sleep (sigh). On top of that, my sagging belly and boobs, which also serve as a 24/7 milk supply, rarely allow me to feel particularly pretty or attractive. I know you all can relate.

Project Love :: Comfortable Pajamas for Moms

The above predicament, which I am sure many moms can easily relate it, is exactly why I was so excited to have the opportunity to learn about Project Love. At my core, I really do long for more feminine pieces. Just because I have 2 small children doesn’t mean I have to go to bed every night fully covered in ratty clothing. There IS such a thing as comfort meets sexy when it comes to project_love_366A3861sleepwear for moms. Project Love’s sleepwear line accomplishes what so many of us crave :: comfort and affordability. But what also appeals to me about Project Love is that the sleepwear is appropriately modest, extremely soft AND serves a much larger purpose in the world. I can get behind “lingerie” even at the end of a long day when I know that it’s making the world for other women a better place.

So when I saw that pink nightgown from years ago and remembered how pretty I felt, I carefully folded the t-shirt and fleece sweater and instead pulled out my new Project Love lavender gown with its matching navy robe.

Just like I have a lucky purse, nice shoes or cool clothes, I also have my sexy mama evening clothes. Feeling pretty is a state of mind. I can switch from being a mom in my comfy, cotton, cocooning clothes to being an attractive woman, yet with the same fitted gowns. I stick to dark blue to look thinner (I like to trick myself), and I need this. I need to feel beautiful. I crave the time when a shower meant taking care of myself and not a race against time to wash my skin before my youngest starts screaming for more milk. I long for the attention from my husband. I want him to look at me and think “wow, look at her, she’s sexy.” I love my new little cotton soft clothes from Project Love because they accomplish ALL of this. They’re playful and sassy. They represent the new “me:” a modern mother AND grown woman caring about international issues.

About Project Love

My sleepwear from Project Love provides me a connection to other women in the world. Women with their own fears, challenges and pockets of joy and happiness. Women with body issues. Women learning to become themselves. Isn’t that what motherhood – and womanhood – is all about? Learning to love yourself and put yourself first. I am proud to share their journey. I encourage you all to learn more about this incredible company below.

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Project Love


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