The 4 Best Portable Chargers for Mardi Gras

We are full of pro tips for parenting at Mardi Gras. When it comes to taking kids to parades, New Orleans Mom has all of the advice you need for enjoying Mardi Gras with kids. One item that people sometimes don’t think about is a portable charger. Cell phone batteries can drain quickly while you’re out on the route. So whether you’re riding in a parade or just planning to parade all day, here are Mardi Gras tested and approved portable chargers. Affiliate links are included. 

The 4 Best Portable Chargers for Mardi Gras

So the trunk is packed for Mardi Gras, and you have all the snacks ready to go. Or maybe you are about to enjoy the best day of the year and ride in a parade. There is little to no chance that a cell phone stays charged all day in either scenario, and bringing an actual charger is impractical and a pain. Enter the one thing every mom should have out at Mardi Gras :: a portable charger. This way you will always be able to secure an Uber or Krewe Car, make a phone call if necessary and – of course – take all the pictures! If you don’t already have a portable charger, we strongly suggest one for any family that wants to enjoy Mardi Gras.

Solar Charger – the great thing about this specific charger is that it can be charged via solar energy. This one is priced very affordably and can charge more than one device at a time. And yes, if you are planning to bring a tablet to the route (this is a judgment free zone), it can also charge one of those!

Anker Charge Through – while a little more expensive, this portable charger has also been tested on a family trip through Europe. One reason we love it is that while it’s attached to the phone, it is small enough that it does NOT block the camera so you can take pictures while it’s attached. It also has a charge through feature so it charges the battery at the same time. This one is light and slim enough to put in your pocket, and the magnetic feature means it stays attached to the phone itself.

Portable Charger with Built In Cables – if you have more than one device, then this may be the charger for you! This one is lightweight and a favorite for those of us who ridebest portable chargers in parades. The digital display on this portable charger tells you exactly where you are, so there is an easy visual to see how much charge you have at a point in time. It also comes in a few different colors if you’re the kinda girl who likes to make a statement with her technology.

Ultra Slim Portable Charger – this one tends to provide 3 full charges before it needs charging again, which is fantastic for a day of parading at Mardi Gras. It is sleek in design and plugs directly into the wall for its original charge. This charger comes with universal charging capabilities, meaning you can do a variety of phone models and tablets all with the cables that are already attached. {pictured at right}

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