Let Them Eat, King Cake!

best king cakes in New Orleans
Randazzo’s Camellia City Bakery available at Nola Beans

Mardi Gras may be cancelled this year but our love for king cake isn’t! While we may not be parading in the streets this year, we can certainly still enjoy king cake 6 feet apart. Lots of our favorites are now offering curbside king cake pick up options, as well as king cake delivery. So if you are looking where to find your favorite king cake in New Orleans this year or how to ship a king cake to family and friends, look no further and scroll on!

King Cakes via Curbside Pick Up

king cake curbside pick up New Orleans
Dong Phuong via curbside pick up

A few locations are offering curbside king cake pickup this year, and we are here for it! You may have seen the beautiful pink king cake from Brennan’s online. If you would like to get one for yourself, you can go online and reserve one from Ralph’s on the Park and do curbside pickup. How easy is that? And if your family consists of Dong Phuong fans, there is no need to go wait in a long line anymore. You can pre-order your king cake online and it’s also curbside pickup only. Super easy!

King Cakes Delivered to Your Door

king cake delivery in New Orleans
Cannata’s king cake

Another great option this year to get your favorite king cake or try something new is via a delivery service. DoorDash is delivering from King Cake Hub this year, so you have plenty of options at your fingertips without even leaving your home. This is a great option to be safe during the current Covid surges. Hi Do Bakery, Cannata’s and Bywater Bakery are just a few out of the many delicious king cakes offered via King Cake Hub for delivery in New Orleans.

king cakes delivered to your house in New Orleans
King Cake Hub

The Best King Cakes Around NOLA

There is also the obvious option of going to the bakery yourself in person to get your king cake. Of course, many restaurants and grocery stores around the city are also selling king cakes from local bakeries so you don’t have to travel across town or exit your parish to get the cake that you desire. For example, Nola Beans in Lakeview is selling Randazzo Camellia City king cakes, and Captain Sids in Bucktown is partnering with Hi Do Bakery.

Shipping King Cakes

Have family and/or friends that live out of town and want to ship them a king cake? Well, you have many options to ship king cakes thankfully! Lots of bakeries ship out their own king cakes including Cannata’s, King Kake King, Haydel’s Bakery and Manny Randazzo’s. This option usually includes some lagniappe items like beads, cups and/or doubloons. If you would rather ship a king cake yourself, our contributors suggested using a medium flat rate box from the post office.

King Cake Decorating for Kids

King cake class at Acorn NOLA
King cake class at Acorn NOLA

Last year I took my sons to Acorn for a king cake decorating class and they absolutely loved it! It was super fun, affordable and not to mention yummy. They are having classes again this year, so make sure to reserve your spot to be part of the fun.

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to get king cake in New Orleans this year despite being in the middle of a pandemic. While Mardi Gras may be cancelled, it won’t stop us from partaking in this delicious tradition.

This is an ongoing list, so if you know of some new ways to get your favorite king cake this year, let us know in the comments so we can add it!

how to ship a king cake in New Orleans

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