Seven years ago, we started New Orleans Moms Blog with a simple, but powerful goal: connect local Moms. We wanted to showcase products and resources that made life easier and celebrate the many different parenting perspectives represented in our community. Over the years, we’ve passionately pursued that goal, proudly becoming the largest parenting site in the city.

Which is why, for our seventh birthday, we wanted to do something really special. Many of you wondered why our annual birthday party, Moms Night Out, was placed on hold. Today we are happy to reveal part of our why, and how much it means.

Over the past seven years, we’ve become more than a blog. We’ve grown from two friends with a simple idea to forty-seven strong, brave and beautiful women who represent our diverse and amazing community. We host several fun and rewarding events for families and new mothers, we share products and ideas regularly on our site and TV, we provide guides for local and traveling parents, and we connect local Moms far beyond our posts.

We’ve grown and evolved, and we are pleased our site is doing the same. Our new website is sleeker, easier to navigate, and more mobile-friendly. New Orleans Mom will still provide the same beneficial resources and exciting events that you came to value (and we might even party again next year), offered by our same team of women. Our updated look and feel may be different, but our fundamental goal is still the same: connection.

Welcome to the new, improved New Orleans Mom.

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Jen re-located from Dallas to New Orleans in 2007, after a brief Christmas visit with her (then fiancée) Dave made her realize she’d found her soul city. When she’s not volunteering at her two little bug’s school (one boy, one girl), she enjoys being active and adventurous. In addition to completing Tough Mudders, Jen can be found walking at the park, taking HIIT classes, swinging Kettlebells and boxing around the city. She loves chats at coffee shops with a good friend and insists on having a family fun day at home once a week. Those days are for couch time, completing puzzles or playing Nintendo while her Beagle mix Maddie snoozes on her lap and her fat cat Cinco hangs nearby. Jen feels that the big city of New Orleans is more like a small town and loves chatting with strangers, especially at Mardi Gras. In addition to her blog contributions, you can find her collection of short stories to share with friends at


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