The Tooth Fairy’s First Visit: Plus Tips From One Fairy to Another

The Tooth Fairy’s First Visit: Plus Tips From One Fairy to Another

We all know that in the eyes of a child that Santa is a big deal. But did you know the tooth fairy is just as cool?

My daughter has a late birthday, September, which means she is right at the cut off for the school year making her the baby in the class. So her friends and her classmates have been losing teeth for a year and she has been watching them patiently waiting for her turn. At the dentist a few weeks ago, when the dentist told her to expect the first tooth to come out any day now, I thought my five year old was going to burst with excitement. And, she was right! Two weeks and one soft taco that knocked it out later, we were expecting a visit from the tooth fairy!Tooth Fairy

But we have been waiting for her to come for months! When the first kiddo from my mom village lost her first tooth, I knew I needed to get ready. I collected one dollar bills and sprayed them with glitter hairspray just like Pinterest told me to do. And, I had them stored in an envelope in my nightstand.

We also had received a very special tooth fairy door.

When Santa he made his visit in December, the tooth fairy sent it with him since she knew we would need it soon. Since all of the magical people know each other, of course! The tooth fairy door has been on hold as my husband didn’t want to install it without an actual tooth in hand. But when a tooth finally did come out, it called for an emergency tooth fairy door installation before bed time.

And then it was game time!

She was so excited to go to bed, it was like Christmas Eve. Before bed my daughter sprinkled the magic tooth fairy dust and left the key on the ledge above the door to signal to the tooth fairy that we had a tooth ready to be picked up. She put her tooth in a little tooth pillow and slipped it under her pillow.

I thought she was going to be up for hours with excitement, but she went right to sleep as instructed so the tooth fairy didn’t pass up our house because she was awake.

The next morning she woke to find a sparkly dollar billed tied with a tiny purple bow. The tooth fairy had moved the key from the door ledge to my daughter’s nightstand, for safe keeping until her next visit.

The smile on my daughter’s face was amazing. It was one of those moments in motherhood where you won’t forget their reaction. The magic of childhood spilled out as she told the story of the tooth fairy to everyone she came in contact with for the next week.

I loved the experience as much as she did! Savoring moments of magic like this special to me as her mom, because I know that all too quickly she will be too big for this. But while she is little I will continue to keep the magic of childhood alive for as long as she’ll let me!

If the tooth fairy will be making her first visit to your house soon, here are a few notes from one tooth fairy to another:

Get prepped early because you really never know when the first tooth will come out. I had already purchased the tooth fairy pillow. But with Murphy’s Law, you know the first tooth will come out on a day you are running in a million directions and the pillow is the last thing on your list.

In the same thought- at the time that I sprayed the dollar bills, I didn’t realize it would be eight months until I actually needed them. But when her tooth finally did come out it was much easier to grab the sparkly bill out of an envelope than have to spray and dry the one dollar bills before the tooth fairy could make the delivery after bed time. My recommendation is to spray a few bills at once and store them if you plan to do this.

Also if you are interested in a fairy door for your family they make great stocking stuffers from Santa. You can find the fairy doors in a variety of designs, colors and styles on Etsy or Amazon. Less than six months till Christmas!


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