Sand Crafts: DIY Activities for Beach Bound Families

What to do with all that sand in your suit this summer

I like the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves, and the sun, but I could do without the sand. Just looking at it gives me that itchy feeling like it’s gotten in my clothes. But I want to go to the beach and have a good time, so I’ve got to get over my aversion to those granules. I started looking into things to do with all those teeny grains that would make it an enjoyable part of going to the beach. And there are more than a few crafts to make it fun!

Here are my top six activity picks for beach bound families:

Sand Candles: This one suggests using a beach grill to melt the wax, making it an on-the-beach activity instead of hauling sand up to the condo.

Sand Bowl: All you need is sand, glue, bowls, and plastic wrap. It’s not ideal to do this one on the beach, but it can be done.

Sand Clay Handprints: This is such a great memento to do with the kids! Imagine having one for each year you go on a beach trip ?

Colorful Sand Castles Bring your (nontoxic) food coloring to the beach with some Ziploc bags and make colored sand for rainbow castles!

Moldable Sand: Make your own kinetic sand with shaving cream and sand. There are a couple of other “recipes” on this site as well, but this used the fewest ingredients.

Sand Volcano: The BIGGEST BANG for last! Get your kids to help you build volcanos on the beach and then make them erupt!

There are a ton more wonderful ideas. These were just my favorites. And if you love the sand already, these six crafts will just add to your amour. Happy summer everyone!

If you have any other sandy crafts for the beach, please share! #NOMBbeachcrafts


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