Random Acts of Kindness For Kids

At our house, we often talk about thinking of others; however, last week I was reminded that actions speak louder than words. One morning, as I sat at a red light with my children in the car, I saw a disheveled man drinking out of a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag. He rushed to cross the street just as my light changed, and as I was about to show my frustration, the gentleman turned my way, gave me a thumbs up, mouthed “thanks,” and smiled. Then, he pulled a dollar and some change out of his pocket and gave it to a homeless man standing on the corner. I was humbled. And, I asked myself when the last time was that I did something selfless for others.

Thus began a conversation between my daughter and me about how we were going to make a list of things we could do for the Actspeople we share our world with. Ours is a little more tailored for a three and a half year old, but here is one I thought might work for children of various ages. I hope you will join our family on this quest to spread a little joy one random act of kindness at a time.

Random Acts of Kindness For Kids

  • Let someone cut in front of you at the checkout line.
  • Sit with someone new at lunch today.
  • Share a compliment with a stranger.
  • Leave cheerful sidewalk chalk messages for your neighbor.
  • Deliver a homemade meal to a friend who is ill.
  • Leave a thank you note on a firetruck.
  • Pass out cold water bottles to construction workers.
  • Thank a military member for their service.
  • Pay the toll for the car behind you.
  • Leave out lemonade for your postal worker.
  • Go to the library and turn as many books spine out as possible.
  • Select a few toys that are in good condition to donate to a children’s charity.
  • Leave flowers on your neighbor’s porch.
  • Make a homemade card for your coach or counselor.
  • Leave your sibling(s) notes around the house listing things you think make them special.
  • Send a picture to a relative who lives elsewhere and tell them what your favorite part of summer has been.
  • Call a classmate you haven’t seen all summer and tell them you look forward to seeing them when school starts.
  • Tape a dollar to a Coke machine with a note that says “Hope this perks you up!”
  • Place trinkets (treasure) in a local community sandbox.
  • Take in your neighbor’s garbage cans.
  • Donate your talents to an assisted living community.
  • Leave your favorite book with an inspirational message in the cover on a park bench or in a waiting room.
  • Ask your waiter what his or her name is and use it when you thank them for their service.
  • Pick a garden you admire in your neighborhood and leave a note saying it wins your family’s “garden of the month” award.
  • Drop off donuts to your local police station.
  • Leave bubbles at a local Boys and Girls Club.
  • Set up a free lemonade stand on a hot day.
  • When you’ve had good service, call or tell the store manager so the employee can be recognized.
  • Clean your room without asking.
  • Smile and say hello to everyone you see.

From one mom to another, maybe we can each take a moment to find a mom who looks like she needs a boost of confidence and tell her that she is doing a great job. I guarantee she will pass along the kindness.

What random acts of kindness would you add?


  1. Loved the examples you shared making it doable with a toddler! I have a 9 month old, but will definitely apply these when she is older. Kindness and empathy are very important things to teach kids!


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