GALentine’s Day: Love Your Gal Pals

Why you should celebrate Galentine's Day

Why does Valentine’s Day get so easily overlooked?

Is it because it usually falls around a busy Mardi Gras season? Are we just too occupied with planning parade routes, getting fitted for ball gowns, decorating shoebox floats, stuffing our faces with king cake, or even planning a vacation for the week the kids are off of school? It seems all the fashion boutiques are brightly displayed with purple, green, and gold rather than pinks and reds. Maybe it’s because over the years people have chalked it up to a cheap “Hallmark Holiday” that was only invented to sell boxes of chocolates, red roses, and stuffed teddy bears. Valentine’s Day has become just one more “to-do” added to an already endless list. Moms usually see this holiday as just a quick run to Walmart to buy class valentines and be done with it. I know it’s exhausting keeping up with what holiday is next and how far in advance you have to prepare for it. Valentine’s Day seems to have just stopped being a priority.

However, I think it’s an important day.

It’s the one day out of the year that we’re told to stop and acknowledge those we love. And isn’t that what life is all about? Our world revolves around those we love, but it’s not every day we stop to say it. Sure, you kiss your husband and whisper “I love you” at bedtime. You scream “I love you” to the kids as they jump out of the car for school or load onto a school bus. You repeat “I love you” to your mom every time you hang up the phone.

But what about everyone else you cherish in your life? What about your friends? I’m not saying you should buy all your friends flowers or decorate cupcakes together. There’s no written rule of needing to “go big!” but maybe there should be an unwritten rule to at least “go small.” Take the time to get together to celebrate each other and how important a friendship’s love actually is. The older we get, the less time we seem to have. Unfortunately, even our best of friends normally gets the short end of the stick. Between dance recitals, ball games, PTO meetings, work, and normal everyday tasks … it’s our friends who keep getting postponed and put off.

So, take this time of year, the time of year for celebrating love, and arrange a special “Galentine’s Day.” A special day for just you and your “gals.” Get dressed up, put make-up on, get your hair done, and be more than just a wife and a mom for the night. Be a friend, because the best part of friendship is being able to just be you. I, fortunately, got to experience a nice evening this past Saturday under a bubble tent at Velvet Cactus with a few close friends. It was nice to forget this busy time of year and just toast to margaritas, friendship, and love. It’s definitely something all gal pals should try to take advantage of.

Naturally, it’ll be hard to get all your besties together at once, but the point is to acknowledge your friends for Valentine’s Day too. So, send a heart emoji to those you can’t see, because although you love the handmade cards your kids will present to you with their big smiles and warm hugs, you also love your friends and depend on their stability and understanding all year long. A friend’s love is also important and should be recognized. So, to my friends from the past, present, and future … thank you and I LOVE YOU!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Moms!

May your child’s chocolate kisses be messy, your husband’s gifts be meaningful, and your friendships be whole and plentiful.

Nicole Deano
Nicole is married, mommy of 3 (Emily, Talia, Gavin.) She’s a lifetime resident of Chalmette, with a brief 3 years in New Iberia following Hurricane Katrina. She is a realtor with 1 Percent Lists. She is also a 10-year breast cancer survivor. She is Disney obsessed and was a Disney Bride. She is trying to stay sane with juggling her busy life.


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