Back to School: Drop Off the Kids and Pick Up a Book!

So the back to school fuss is over. Thank goodness. The uniforms are bought, the folders are labeled and the first day tears are behind us. It is now time for the routine and schedule to hit their stride and school year normalcy to return. With the school year comes the extracurricular activities. Many NOMB moms will be clocking hours at the football field, soccer field and dance studio. It is only the beginning as our little ones kickoff their dreams of being in the Super Bowl, the Olympics and the ballet.

I personally am excited about it. That means that I will have a new season of mommy time. Each Thursday I will have an hour to myself to read while my tiny dancer taps her heart out. Win for both of us!

So now that her back to school shopping list is complete I am starting on my mommy back to school books. And when I say books, I mean the old school kind with paper that you get from the store. While yes, I do have an iPad, each time I pull it out to read on the Kindle app is the exact same time that my daughter claims that she NEEDS the iPad. So I skip the fight and just buy paper so we don’t have to go there and burst my bubble of sneaking in some reading time.

Mommy's happy place.
Mommy’s happy place.

I personally like uber girly books that are on the more chick-flick kinda side of romance than the hard-core romance novel. I love a good beach read! I tend to find a writer and read their collection of books before moving on to another.

My most recent favorites include:

My next read is going to be Revenge Wears Prada. It is the sequel to Devil Wears Prada. I loved the book better than the movie so I am looking forward to seeing what Miranda Priestly has been up to.

So if you want something other than Good Night NOLA or the latest parenting book to read we have some options for you. Here are some books that our team has been reading in case you are looking for something a little less girly or with some depth. Grab a book or the Kindle, a glass of wine and carve out some mommy time. You know you deserve it!

 What was your last read? Thumbs up or down?


  1. For fiction, I highly recommend Into The Free by Julie Cantrell. This Mississippi-based tale by a first-time author has been earning major acclaims. It’s a fabulous story with rich characters and a memorable, meaningful storyline.

    For nonfiction general, I highly recommend Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst. Do others ever push your hot buttons and leave you coming unglued? Yeah, me neither. Haha. You’ll love Lysa’s frank, been-there-done-that attitude, as well as her helpful advice on how to tame our more wild emotions.

    For parenting, all moms need to check out Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle. This little memoir of motherhood is a laugh riot. You’re sure to get a chuckle, as well as some encouragement for your parenting journey.


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