5 Reasons Why You Need A Weekend Away

It’s safe to say every mom could use a “recharge” button, if such a thing existed. Whether you work full time, part time, stay at home, work from home – it can all be quite exhausting. And let’s face it, a bit monotonous. Some days, I’m just trying to make it until bed time, when I can sit down for more than five minutes and sip some chamomile tea wine. As our lives get busier, time as an adult dwindles.

It’s become an annual tradition for three of my closest friends and I to have a weekend getaway – no kids, no spouses. Girl time is a must for us. We grew up together, but our lives have all four of us in different cities, so it’s rare that we all see each other at the same time unless we plan it. It takes time to match all of our schedules together, but it’s so worth it, and here’s why.

5.  You need some sleep sleep7

Everyone could use a little extra shut eye. This morning, I swear I had just fallen asleep when my youngest woke up, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6 am. While it’s only for a couple days, those two mornings of dozing until <gasp> 10 am were glorious. Plus, I’m much more pleasant on a full night’s rest.

4.  You can eat all your meals properly

Most of my meals are consumed standing up or a combination of what’s left on the kids plates. When you do this every day, you forget to sit and relish a good meal. It seems trivial, but I really enjoyed savoring our dinner and enjoying uninterrupted conversation.

1654216_10155782794645195_4968746292818685968_n3.  You remember who you were before kids

It’s important that while raising these amazing human beings that we don’t lose ourselves in the process. Mothers especially tend to lay aside our own needs for everyone else; it’s just in our nature. My friends knew me before kids, before puberty even. I can completely and unabashedly be myself, sing, dance, act a fool. It’s refreshing to just let your hair down and laugh hysterically.

11393668_10104698198424725_2705776209164058777_o2.  Sunshine, tan lines

Ahhhhh, relaxation. We soaked up the sun, sipped on frozen drinks, even made a visit to the spa. It was AMAZING. We don’t party like we used to; we actually spent one night in the room playing games. But it’s the connecting, the relaxing, and the down time that we love.

1.  You miss your family

Sounds odd, but the weekend was a perfect amount of time away. I had a blast but was ready to see my hubby and kids at the end. It made me appreciate them even more, cherish what I have, and return a better wife and mother because of it. I was so excited to see my boys when I came home, and I approached this week with a refreshed outlook.

If you can swing it, a couple nights away is just perfect. Even if you stay in the city, it’s a great way to focus on yourself and just hit ‘recharge.’

What’s your favorite weekend get away?


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