The Great Outdoors: Tips for Camping Around New Orleans

If your family is looking for a budget-friendly adventure near New Orleans, camping is a great choice! Louisiana offers dozens of kid-friendly camping opportunities, all within driving distance of New Orleans. If you are looking for a non-camping getaway within Louisiana, we also have several weekend trip suggestions here. We love to travel at New Orleans mom and enjoy sharing our family traveling tips and tricks!

Tips for Camping Near New Orleans

One of the greatest things about living in New Orleans is that our families have access to an abundance of parks within driving distance of the city. This combination is perfect for any family to enjoy the fresh air and wilderness through one of my family’s favorite pastimes: camping.

Camping is clearly something that goes hand in hand with a little one who loves the outdoors and is a great way to spend time with your family without spending a fortune.

Upon meeting me, you probably would never think I was the type who likes to go camping. I am a typical woman who loves to shop, who indulges in facials and who loves a great pair of shoes. But I have a whole other side that loves the outdoors; whether it is going fishing, bike riding or camping, my family and I look forward to weekends where we don’t have prior commitments so that we can unplug and take some time out as a family.

Just recently, my husband and I decided it was time for our first family camping trip. Y’all may be thinking that we are crazy to have gone camping with a toddler, but I have to say it was one of the most fun ways to really enjoy the experience. With our little guy, camping has taken on a whole new meaning as it is clearly a great way for us to bond as a family and appreciate the beautiful nature and beauty that surrounds us with a new set of eyes.

Going camping near New Orleans is actually very easy and doable. Within a short one or two hour drive, there are several well equipped parks and private campgrounds available for a quick weekend getaway where you can unplug from daily life, take in the outdoors and enjoy quality time with your family without breaking the bank!

What to Pack to Go Camping Near New Orleans With Kids

When it comes to camping, I stick to the motto “always be prepared,” but also “keep it simple.” Fortunately, we invested in a camper because we like to camp frequently, and it provides some amenities for us that we prefer now that we have a toddler. If you do not have a camper, never fear, as there are other options for you! Many campgrounds offer cabins for rental, and if you would rather go tent camping, that can be great, too. These days you can get a pretty decent tent that can sleep up to 10 people for under $100.

Prior to having a camper, when we went camping in our tent, we would often pre-pack plastic totes with camping essentials like lanterns, batteries, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Fortunately, most campgrounds offer campsites with both electricity AND running water, so do not fear! Furthermore, campgrounds all offer bathhouses, where you can shower daily and have access to restrooms! Bass Pro Shop has provided an awesome checklist for tent camping that is a great resource when planning your trip.

Where to Camp in Louisiana

img 657If you are looking for a great location near New Orleans to take your family camping, you don’t even have to go very far. Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville as well as Fairview Riverside State Park in Madisonville are both a quick 45 minute drive from the city. Of these two, my personal favorite is Fontainebleau, as the park has a splash pad, a beach, and several nature trails for kids to explore and play. Also, Fontainebleau is right on the Tammany Trace bike trail, which is a great trail that runs through all of St. Tammany Parish and has beautiful views throughout. Also, both parks are a short drive to the Kids Konnection playground.

There are truly so many options to choose from, all of which are outlined in more detail here. If you have the energy to drive a little further, Oak Mountain State Park is a wonderful choice in Alabama.

Most of these campgrounds offer online reservations through their websites or through Reserve America. Overnight fees for state parks range from $12-$24 per night; private campgrounds are a little more expensive, but still less expensive than a hotel! If you are family that likes to camp frequently, bring a notebook on your trips to different parks. While at these parks, take a walk and write down specific campsites that you prefer over others and keep a record of these for future reference. That way, when you go to reserve your site, you will know where the “best sites” are!

Tips for Cooking While Camping With Kids

As a self proclaimed food lover, I especially love “camp cooking.” There are just certain foods that I reserve for the camping experience that have become fast (24)

“Pudgy” or “Hobo” Pies are probably top on my list for campfire cooking. With a simple “pie iron” you can turn two slices of bread and your favorite fillings into a tasty meal! Various combinations include ham & cheese, pepperoni, mozzarella, peppers & mushrooms for a pizza sandwich, Nutella & bananas or any type of pie filling with cinnamon butter on the outside for a great dessert.

Another fun idea is to make “tin foil” dinners. Before leaving for your trip, pre-wrap some of your favorite dinner combinations in tin foil. These dinners are where you can get really creative or fancy and come up with some great meals! For instance, if you are planning on cooking smoked sausages for one of your meals, you would slice it up, top it with sliced peppers, onions and  sauce or butter, and wrap it tightly into a tin foil packet. You can throw these right into your campfire until done. If you don’t want to throw them into the campfire, sticking them on your BBQ grill is great too. When you are done, unwrap your packet, eat dinner, and there is little to no cleanup! Plus, they are  fun to put together.

If you would rather stick to classic cooking options, you can do that as well. Often we bring our portable BBQ grill and our mini propane camping stove (which has actually been used equally for power outages during hurricanes!) To cook burgers, hot dogs, and even make a classic breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast. We also like to bring our slow cooker to use when camping. It is a great way to cook dinner or lunch without having to keep watch all day long while you are hiking, biking and having fun. On our last camping trip, we made baby back ribs that were so delicious they fell off the bone simply by putting them in the slow cooker for the day. An hour before serving, we topped them with sauce and had a fantastic meal that was already done. And that left more time for campfire fun! The slow cooker is also handy for baked potatoes, a big pot of chili, or even a hot breakfast casserole.

Lastly, what is camping without s’mores? We can’t go camping without bringing graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows for this campfire favorite.

Camping With Kids Is Fun!

If you are concerned that your children (or you) will be bored, don’t be! Most kids love being in the outdoors. If you have toddlers, this is the perfect opportunity to teach them about the nature around them. Bring simple, inexpensive toys for their entertainment to focus more on their imagination and less on technology. Simple toys are the way to go. When we went with Andrew, we brought his favorite dump truck, bubbles, bucket, a ball, and his “Cozy Truck” for him to get around. The dump truck was great for “collecting treasures” like rocks, pine cones, dirt, and sticks and moving the treasures to locations. No dump truck? No big deal. Bring an inexpensive bucket for your little one to find treasures of their own. If your child is older, you could even play “I Spy!” or do a scavenger hunt with a list of things for your kids to gather while out hiking. Of course, bicycles should be at the top of the list, as bike riding is a great way to have fun as well as burn some energy, all the while taking in the beauty around you!

I will honestly say that there was never a dull moment when camping. Besides taking in nature, we all had a great time having adult campfire conversation once the little ones went to bed (and I’m sure the burning question on everyone’s mind is: DID THE KIDS SLEEP?) and unplugging from the world around us. The end result was a refreshed spirit, a closer bond with my family, and new camping friends!

Oh, and the answer to that burning question about sleep: YES, the kids did sleep. In fact, they slept like logs! All of that play and fresh air was great for him, and he took fantastic naps AND slept well.

There is just something so fun about gathering together with your family to take in the natural world around you. Simple things like stargazing, watching squirrels chase each other, hearing birds tweet, and watching your son collect rocks are great for the soul and reminded us of the exact reason why we were excited to start our family. Going camping through your child’s eyes is one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve had yet. We came home from our camping trip tired, but refreshed … and even closer as a family.

Share your best tips for camping with kids near New Orleans below!


  1. I love camping. here are some of my favorite recipes:

    Pudgy pies: pre-make some sloppy joe mix at home, then make sloppy joe pudgy pies with a little shredded cheddar cheese. Tuna melts with pre-made tuna salad and shredded cheddar are anothher favorite.

    Breakfast: one of our favorites are omelettes in a bag. In 1 quart zip lock bag, combine a msall pat of butter, 2-3 eggs, a splash of milk, and whatever you like in your omelette- cheese, veggies, diced ham, crumbled sausage/bacon, or all of the above! Squeeze as much air out as possible, seal well, and then let the kids play catch with the baggie to thoroughly “beat” the eggs and combine all ingredients. Put the baggie in a pot of boiling water and cook approximately 10 minutes or until eggs are set. Open then baggie, and your omelette will slide right out. If you are cooking more than one at a time, write names on the outside with a sharpie.

    treats: believe it or not, toasted Peeps are AWESOME! If you have some left over for easter, try roasting them over the campfire until they are a nice golden brown. The sugar on the outside will carmelize, leaving a sweet, crunchy, crust with a gooey, marshmallowey center. They are good in s’mores too!

    Finally, if you have kids a little older, look to see if your state park as a Junior Ranger program. (Louisiana state parks do!). It’s a program for kids to learn about nature and preserving our natural resources by doing fun family activities in a handbook with their parents. When completed, they can earn a patch and certificate. What a great way to pass on the legacy of our beautiful natural resources to the next generation.

    • I camp at Land O Pines Family Campground located in Covington. There is so much to do as a family and the weekends are always filled with fun activities. We can’t go camping without making hotdogs and smores on the campfire. It’s the only way really lol.

  2. Angelina, most campsites have electricity unless you choose the primitive option. I think a common misconception that many have about camping is that there is no electricity or running water- when most campsites come with both- unless you choose to go without! 🙂

    Cabins are great too, though!

  3. We used to camping all the time when I was a kid. Your post reminded me how much fun it was! We stayed at Natchez State Park quite a few years ago before we were married & had a blast! I think it’s time we introduce Addie to camping around NOLA!

    • Oooh- now I”m thinking we may have to check out Natchez! I bet that is a beautiful park! 🙂 Y’all should definitely go camping with her- heck, you could even meet up with us!!! 🙂

  4. Great post Andie! I never really thought of myself as a camping type of girl…..but in a cabin with the option of a shower? Just might be something I should try!

    • All camping has shower options! 🙂 Even if you are primitive camping, you can go to the bathhouse to take a shower! 🙂

  5. Andie, we LOVE camping. We go once or twice a year, but we prefer to go during spring and fall, when it’s not too cold or too hot. Reading your post really got me motivated to take Nathaniel on a camping trip, soon. We have traditionally gone to Percy Quinn, but maybe just going to Fountainbleau for the day would be a good start. GREAT post!!! I think it’s wonderful to celebrate the treasure of our local parks!


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