Introducing Junction Place Sports {Your Home For Climate Controlled Sports Camps, Lessons, Birthday Parties and More!}

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Introducing Junction Place Sports {Your Home For Climate Controlled Sports Camps, Lessons, Birthday Parties and More!}

Home is where the COACHES are! The team at Junction Place Sports officially takes over complete operation of a new home at 5620 Crawford Street, Harahan, LA 70123, opening our doors to the public for the first time this Monday, March 16, 2020.

Junction Place Sports has been operating partially out of this building, the former Louisiana Baseball and Softball Academy, since October 2019. Now we have the pleasure of renaming it: Junction Place Sportsplex. 

Our approach to early childhood and elementary age sports education is simple: provide a foundation based on the basic elements of the subject matter and don’t put a cap on the results! At Junction Place Sports, our staff is provided a curriculum, better yet a language, that ensures just that! While communication with parents/guardians is of the utmost importance to our organizational principles, our aim is to have YOUR child be able to explain to you what they learned and love about Basketball Basics and Simply Soccer!

We provide clear and pointed adult based information- the “who/what/where/when’s”. We aim to have your child fill in the blanks to whatever questions you may have! Our instruction is repetitive, like, really repetitive, as in, we say the same phrases over and over and over and over again- something we are sure you can understand as parents. We don’t back away from that approach. It works.

At Junction Place Sportsplex, our space and operating systems are run on three basic tenets: unbeatable customer service, ease of experience, and best of all — CLIMATE CONTROL!

“Give Your Best Effort. Buy All In.” is our motto but it isn’t something we just preach, it’s what we practice. You call, we answer. You’ve got an idea, we’ve got an ear. We exist because of you and never forget it!

Our goal is for your experience to be easy and enjoyable from start to finish. The greatest coach in the world isn’t much help to you if you can’t get in touch with them! Our great coaches are busy serving our community, they can sometimes be tough to get a hold of, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you. We have automated everything! You have the power to navigate your experience. We put in the work to make sure that if you are in need of a camp offering, private lessons, sport-specific class, birthday party or field rental you are always a few clicks away!

We live in Southeast Louisiana. It’s hot. It rains. Or in most months, the good days are just sticky and sweaty. We wouldn’t feel right calling it an indoor sportsplex without a break from the elements. Will we always be 72 degrees? Probably not, but we understand the fundamental difference between being inside and being inside someplace comfortable!

Junction Place Sportsplex will see the continuation of our outstanding programs!

Junction Place Sportsplex will add many services to include:

Junction Place Sportsplex will also be hosting New Orleans Jesters Soccer Camps!

Junction Place Sports will continue to exist in the exact same capacity while continuing to grow and improve your experience. Check out some of the programs Junction Place Sports is offering in the community.

About the Author : Josh Tolbert

Before founding Junction Place Sports, Josh, better yet, “Coach Josh”, had engrained himself as a fixture in the New Orleans Youth Sports scene. As the Sports Deparmtent Director for the New Orleans Jewish Community Centers and the C.O.O. of Big Easy Sportsplex, Josh used his decade of experience and passion to create a company that wouldn’t have any walls to box in his love for coaching, creating and inspiring!


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