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Stuff NOLA Moms Say I New Orleans Moms BlogThere is no doubt that being a New Orleanian is special. We get to learn our life lessons through Mardi Gras, we learned all about strength and adversity through Katrina, mastered the art of making gumbo before we even had a family of our own, and our hearts are strong and never want to leave home. It’s great to be a NOLA mom.

That being said, another awesome perk of living in one of the most heartwarming cities on earth is that we have our own very special vocabulary, one that is very unique and can’t be duplicated. In the spirit of celebrating the multicultural gem that we call home, I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite expressions!

Mardi Gras

Put Junior up on top of that ladder for the parade!
Are y’all standing on the neutral ground?
Watch your hands when you go to grab doubloons!
Don’t forget the Popeye’s, and get me some extra biscuits!
Don’t pick those beads off the ground!

Food & Drink

Be sure to get my wine in a go-cup!
You have to get a clear snowball, I don’t want you to dirty up your clothes!
Be sure to suck the head after you pinch the tail!
Please get me a white Russian daiquiri in the drive thru.
Yes, that’s mommy’s beer. No, you cannot have any at this time.
Don’t eat the dead ones.
Don’t choke on the baby.
King cake is a perfectly suitable breakfast.
We are makin’ groceries at Langenstein’s today.
Sit still in the buggy while we make groceries.
Baby, how do you want your po-boy dressed?

General Parenting

Let Mama kiss your bo-bo and make it all better.
It is getting late, chere, it is time to make do-do.
Come See!!!
I’m fixin’ to axe you a question!
Save your Clothes for mass tomorrow!
Put your dirty dishes in the zink.
Pack your bag, you’re sleeping by MawMaw’s tonight.
D’awlin, they all axed for you.
Where did his mom and dad go to high school?

Of course, this is just a small sampling of some of the gems we say on a regular basis. What are some of YOUR favorite NOLA-centric expressions?


  1. These are great! It makes me miss home:(
    The neutral ground one really confuses the people up here. We had a patient mention “neutral ground “during an office visit. The nurses had to come ask me what it meant. It cracked me up to hear him say it!

  2. Mention of Mardi Gras, Sp makes me remember one J.D. Munoir, fron NO, who was in the Marine Corps with me at Camp Lejeune NC 1962. “Mo” wanted me to accompany him and one other Marine to the Mardi Gras either in 62 or 63. I declined, but have regretted doing so for all these years. They came back late, but told me how much fun they had. I think they had to pay for coming back late! Mo was a character. I regret not staying in touch with him and “Cal”, the other Marine. Wonder how many Munoirs are living now in NO? Can you help me locate Mr J. D. Munoir? His name pronounced Mun wah. Thank you for your consideration.
    Charles “Joe” Eschman (Mo & Cal called me IKE)


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