Missing Mizado :: A Love Letter to My Favorite Restaurant

“I have terrible news,” my husband said.

A pit developed in my stomach.

“Mizado is closing.”

How could they do this? I just told someone a few days ago about the 10 cent margaritas at lunch. I had plans to go to Mizado twice next month. All my hopes and dreams of a guac, a duck tamale and a jalapeño cucumber margarita came crashing down in one single Facebook post. Mizado was dumping me for Zea. Over Facebook no less.

The only silver lining was learning that the bar drinks, music, staff and overall atmosphere would remain. Mizado food items will appear from time to time on the daily specials. I guess I’ll have to do what any jilted lover would do – stalk them on social media. If the mac and chorizo happens to show up in my news feed, I’ll know an appearance is happening. And it seems I’ll need to squeeze in as much time as I can before the closing happens June 4th. I suppose I should be grateful for a little less than a month’s notice to come to terms with it.

I know I’m not alone in this heartbreak. Mizado is charming, brings people together and leaves you wishing for more with each visit. Mizado gets around. When the news surfaced, countless others were left in its wake.

“I feel like a friend died. How many girls’ nights can we cram into the next month? I’d like another 25 tuna tiraditos at a minimum.” – Jessica

“?crying salty margarita tears!”- Leigh

“This is seriously tragic.” – Urmi

“Really Zeas … No! Wish y’all could’ve made it last. The salsa is on point;)” – Katie

“We ❤️ Mizado!! I’m down for a petition.” – Sarah

“Saddest news EVER.” – Lindsay

Mizado, I wish I could say I’ll get over you and just move on. Sure, I could give Superior Grill another try. Or El Gato Negro. They’re ok, but they just aren’t you. It’ll never be the same. Looks like I’ll be noshing on corn grits while I sip my margarita and dream of all the good times we had.


  1. Don’t forget about Velvet Cactus too, which has great atmosphere & the food has always been awesome when we’ve gone!


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