Navigating NOLA’s Festival Season

Festival season in New Orleans is unlike anything in the world. The city becomes a beacon of light for seekers of delicious food, cultural diversity, and original music. To be honest, New Orleans offers these things year round, but festivals allow you to be immersed in it all at once.

In your wildest daydreams, you picture yourself at the festival, swaying to the music while sipping on a refreshing cocktail. You see yourself relaxing at the festival, enjoying your time away from the kids. Then, you come to reality. When are you ever kid free? And when do moms get to relax? Many of us have the task of making festivals a family outing. With proper planning, festivals can still be enjoyable for you and the kids. Here’s a guide to enjoying a festival with your family:

1. Have a plan: Talk to your kids before heading to the festival and set some ground rules on what to do in different scenarios. Talk to them about how you will handle their restroom needs, what they should do if they get lost, and what they can expect at the festival. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page will help to eliminate confusion, in case of an emergency.

2. Pack intelligently: No one wants to lug around a bunch of junk, but unless you have very understanding kids and a ton of money to waste, you will need to bring items with you. I suggest utilizing a wagon or stroller. This will give the kids a place to sit and give you room to store things.

3. Keep the kids happy: Be sure to pack snacks, water, and juice. Blankets are also good to pack in case your little one needs to take a nap or you just want something comfortable to sit on. Bubbles, coloring books, or their favorite toy will provide great entertainment for the kids while you enjoy all the festival has to offer.

4. Relax and have fun: Even with adequate preparation, things might not go as planned. Just keep in mind that you all are there to have fun. Encourage the kids to dance and learn about new music. Try something new to eat as a family. Allow them to get dirty and be carefree. And last but not least, find solace in the fact that they will be worn out once you get home.

I know this guide isn’t completely inclusive of all you need to know, but it’s a good start to enjoying the festival season. Happy festin’!


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