Why I hate springtime in New Orleans {Sponsored Giveaway by DEADPEST}

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post, but if you detest all things bug then this is a must read! Plus, you can win a year’s worth of a New Orleans essential – home extermination – courtesy DEADPEST.

Mosquitoes and Termites and Roaches … Oh My!

Springtime in New Orleans conjures up many images. Crawfish boils, Jazz Fest, rain and … bugs. Of those four things, only the first makes me happy, and the last is why I really loathe April, May and June.

I always get melancholy in March because I know what’s coming when the temperature rises. Out come the mosquitoes (especially after those April showers) and bees (hello, May flowers!) The wasps that worked on their nest all last summer are coming back to sneak in through the gaps in our old (but charming) home’s windows.SAMSUNG CSC

The termite swarms – which only mean that we can’t keep our outside lights on for two weeks – are also a treat. And don’t you dare go outside barefoot when May is winding down, not when the stinging caterpillars start dropping from the trees and preying on your poor, innocent, winter-softened feet.

But most of all, I hate cockroaches. Every spring, I get anxious just thinking of those flying brown monsters. Walking down the sidewalk, they scurry out of your path. Sometimes (crunch!) not quickly enough. I refuse to sit outside after dark when it’s warm, and if one gets inside my house, heaven forbid my husband isn’t around to do his husbandly duty and smoosh it!

DEADPEST: the Solution to my Bug Loathing Ways

But this year is going to be different. This year, I’ve sprayed DEADPEST around my house to prevent those creatures from entering my abode! And every three months, I’ll spray it again around the perimeter of the house. Around baseboards and windowsills and under the cabinets, and it will prevent any panic attacks that result from seeing that sudden movement out of the corner of my eye while watching TV. The one that means I need to go hide in the bathroom, crouching on the rim of the bathtub while my husband goes bug hunting.

DEADPEST: the What, How and Why

It’s super easy to apply DEADPEST. You just attach the thin tube to the nozzle which will give you a nice, neat stream of spray, and go to town. In the past we’ve used gels and traps, and honestly, I don’t like the big globs of chemicals that the gels create, and those little bait stations just gross me out.

But is it Safe for Kids and Pets?

You know what’s not safe for kids? Roaches. Their little poop pellets can cause allergic reactions and make asthma worse, and they spread disease. And, let’s face it, they’re disgusting. (Do you think I might suffer from katsaridaphobia? That’s fear of cockroaches.)

Used properly, DEADPEST is safe to use around kids and pets. Just make sure the spray is dry before you let them around it. For specific details about proper use and all safety concerns check out the DEADPEST FAQ’s.

For more information about our sponsors DEADPEST you can check out their website, Facebook, or email them at [email protected]

You can win a year’s supply of DEADPEST ($100 value) by entering our giveaway below! Bugs begone!

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  1. I would like to get rid of all the bugs around my home, because my youngest daughter thinks all bugs are toys and fun to chase her older sister around with! lol


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