Why I Believe Every NOLA Mom Should Consider A Staycation

I was lucky enough the weekend before last to have my mom in town. She volunteered to watch Weston so that the husband and I could take off on a grand three day, two night “staycation.” We spent one night out with an amazing group of friends (Happy 40th Birthday, Chris) and then bounced from one fabulous jazz bar to the next on Frenchmen Street. The followingstaycation collage night we spent just the two of us. As I experienced the joys of the weekend I realized that there are SO many reasons that every mom should consider a staycation. I compiled a list for you that really just scratches the surface.

The Couple That Plays Together Stays Together

My days are spent staying home and tending to all of Weston’s needs, as well as the needs of our household. So much of myself is wrapped up in his care that his little body and presence often feels like a fifth appendage of my body. My husband’s days are spent dedicated to the medical needs of others. I speak honestly when I say it took us a few hours for us to unwind from our roles as mother and doctor, respectively, and remember how to simply be ourselves. Letting go of all of the tasks of life for a few short days was truly blissful.

The Simple Luxuries

It’s kind of sad to admit (I am hoping that some of you will empathize with me), but sometimes I have to choose between going to the bathroom, showering and eating. Never mind the more optional and aesthetic things such as makeup and leg shaving. This has been one of the big adjustments of motherhood for me. Things just can’t always happen when I want them to or even if I want them to. The ability to shower, shave, blow dry my hair and apply my makeup in one continuous effort was worth the staycation in itself. Don’t even get me started on the afternoon nap.

The Price Is Right

This may be an obvious statement, but the act of traveling itself is expensive. If you are short of frequent flier miles or just don’t want to shell out a couple hundred beans on a flight, a staycation might be the right choice for you. What we would have spent on basic transport to another city we were able to save for a rainy day in our bank account. We also decided to forgo choosing a swanky hotel and used the “Name your own price” feature on Priceline. For $110 a night we ended up with the Convention Center Marriott in the Central Business District. While a little off the beaten path, it was right on the streetcar line, which was really convenient. With our savings on transportation and hotel we were able to splurge on a few special outings that we couldn’t have otherwise afforded responsibly. Enter our lovely late night dinner at GW Fins.

Discover The Local Touristy Gems

Yes, I am a new girl in town, but I have been doing my best to explore all of the local fun. The problem is I often can’t get very far or stay very long with a baby (who likes to nap at home) and/or a stroller that is horrific to fold. The theme of this staycation for my husband and I was: “Do whatever we wouldn’t do with Weston.” We rode the streetcar without worrying about folding a stroller or photo (54)when we would be able to catch a streetcar to head back, ate beignets at midnight, sauntered around the ever smokey Harrah’s Casino, sat for hours watching street performers in Jackson Square, checked out the Presbytere, had drinks in the famed Carousel Bar and basically never slowed until we were ready for naptime ourselves.

Support Local

Here at the New Orleans Moms Blog we love to support local companies, moms and causes. What better way to spend your vacation money than by keeping it local, too?

It Is Nice Not To Be Lost

Years ago we traveled to Paris with friends. Between the language barrier and complex subway system it was mind-blowingly confusing. Its also exhausting to be constantly lost. While New Orleans is not anywhere near as difficult to navigate, I found that I delighted in knowing where we were going. I was even able to help a few of the tourists that were struggling to understand the streetcar routes. It was so refreshing!

Peace Of Mind

To be honest I would have loved it if we could have dropped everything and shelled out the big bucks to head down to the beaches, service and sun of the Riviera Maya. While it would have been amazing, it would have also put me thousands of miles away and out of cell phone service reach of my baby boy. I worried very little knowing that if we were needed we were just a quick 15 minute drive away.

Party Like You’re 22

Looking back, I think I enjoyed going out the most around 22 years old. I didn’t know then that I was in the prime of my life, as far as going out goes, but I was. I was of legal drinking age, had graduated college, had a great job, was making my own money and most importantly, I was responsible for only myself. These days when we go out I am often thinking of the babysitter at home, what time we will be able to get home and the fact that in the very early morning (no matter what time we went to bed) that I will be forced awake by snotty kisses. It was a special treat to be able to party like we were 22, knowing that all we had to think about was ourselves, what we would like to drink next and when we felt like going home. I suggest that you try it!

Are you planning a vacation soon? Perhaps, a staycation? I would love to hear about your upcoming plans!


  1. Awesome post Karen! A great reminder that we don’t have to go far to have a lovely weekend “getaway” right in our own back yard! I bet you couldn’t wait to get home to Weston! 🙂

  2. I think sometimes the most obvious getaways (i.e. one in your own backyard) are the very best! After all, just hanging out together with no kid interruptions is the best treat!


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