What You Need to Know About Jefferson Parish and New Orleans Charter Schools

What’s a Charter School?

charter schoolsCharters are public schools that operate outside of the traditional Parish School System, though some are still authorized and overseen by the local school board (Type 1 & 3). Type 2, 4 & 5 are BESE authorized, which means The Louisiana Department of Education oversees these charters. Every charter school (or network of charter schools) has a board of directors which governs administration, operations and finances. Unlike traditional public schools, Charter schools can make adjustments to curriculum, staffing, and other factors while being held to high academic and financial standards.

Orleans Parish

There are 81 schools in Orleans Parish, listed with the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools. Most require the use of the OneApp process for application (OneApp for 2019-2020 School Year opens November 19, 2018). There are 7 Type II charters which may not require students to live in Orleans Parish to attend.

Orleans :: Charter Specialty

4 of the 13 elementary schools focus on language immersion (International School of Louisiana, Audubon and Lycee Francais, while others boast teaching critical thinking and life skills, such as Bricolage Academy.

Orleans :: Grade Levels

Most Charters are split between Elementary / Middle (K-8th grade) and High School (9-12th grade). 35 Orleans Public Charters accept Pre-K (usually fee based) and one is K-12, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Charter School for Science and Technology

Jefferson Parish

There are currently 5 Public Charter Schools in Jefferson Parish. Each has their own application process and timeline.

Jefferson Parish :: Health and Science Specialty

Kenner Discovery is widely known as a STEM school. Currently serving Elementary and Middle school, Kenner Discovery Health Science Academy will eventually serve grades K-12.

Jefferson Parish :: Art Specialty

Young Audiences is an art-focused elementary school (soon to be high school, too!) that provides educational opportunities for children in a variety of art disciplines to help facilitate understanding and development.

Jefferson Parish :: More Specialties

JCFA is a non-traditional high school high school that offers a chance for students to work at their own pace to graduate high school. JCFA students work under the supervision of teachers to celebrate accomplishments of hard work and dedication in an environment built for their success.

Laurette Academy Charter School is determined to create instructional environments in which children learn at high-levels. With extra attention paid to literacy, character development and an extended day/school-year, Laurette Academy is committed to the success of their students.

Jefferson Rise is a Middle School that focuses on the individual learning needs of each student, from Special Education, English Language Learners to Gifted and Talented. College and Workforce Prep is the name of the game at Jefferson Rise!

Do You Charter?

With application processes starting as soon as November 19th, take some time to consider if a Charter School may be right for your child. My two oldest attend a New Orleans Charter and we are so proud of our school and our charter family!


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