What To Do With Your Kids During Spring Break

I started looking into some ideas for kids during spring break and instantly my Pinterest feed is FILLED with these neat and interesting 500,000 different ways to entertain your kids during spring break. I looked at those pins with awe and affection and a little bit of a cringe, as you know there is going to be someone out there who’s going to attempt it and wind up feeling bad when they don’t get any of much of it done. Plus, that all looks like a LOT of work for mom, and there’s about a 90% chance of it lasting 50 seconds. Then you’re disappointed they didn’t think it was as awesome as you did.

So, I plowed through it and came up with some suggestions. In most cases, spring break is about a week, which means about 9 or 10 days home with your lovely little ones – like a trial summer! Here are some of my suggestions:

playground-691129_1280MAKE A PLAN!

Yes, write it down. Be flexible because of weather, moods, meltdowns, etc., but MAKE THE PLAN. It’s much more relaxing to know that on Thursday you’re going to make painted rock animals and gather everything and put it in a shoebox all together. I know, ridiculous, but practical.

For Your Baby/Toddler/Preschool

Do yourself a favor. Stay in routine. You will all be much happier because of it. Pick one activity to do and get it done in the mornings. That way you can do lunch and nap. Don’t stress too much. Want to hit the park? Hit it early in the morning and let them RUN RUN RUN! Don’t try to make marathon sessions with them. It’s just not their thing.

For Your Young Kids and Tweens

This is the age where you’re going to hear that they’re bored. With my girls we always did have quiet time every day, even during the summer. It was a time when the sun was high and hot, morning activity was done, and now it was time for a quiet activity. What this is depends on your child – could be reading, could be self directed craft, could be a nap, but should NOT be playing a video game or TV – think of it as brain time!

For Your Teens

I don’t know about you guys, but my teens are never home during spring break or if they are they have friends over, or plan their own activities. It’s a blessing and a curse. I’m totally fine with a gaggle of teens at the house any time. I love having them around and getting to know their friends.

Now, Pinterest did have some cool stuff!

They had this scavenger hunt with stuff they can find around the yard and do something most kids don’t do, like GO OUTSIDE! 

Artsy Craftsy Mom had this list of outdoor crafts for kids! It’s time to start gardens, start plants and spend time in the few weeks we are blessed with spring before it gets super hot, so why now plan out some crafts.

The weather gets unpredictable?

DANCE PARTY! Every kid loves it when you put on some music and even mom gets in the groove. Get your boogie on!

Make a Field Trip

We’re so lucky here in NOLA, we have so many places to take the kids. These places have open play times so look them up and take the kids! Check the web for passes and discounts!

  • Laser Tag (Adventure Quest and Laser Tag)
  • BooKoo Bounce
  • Sector 6
  • Airline Skate Center
  • Audubon Zoo/Aquarium/Insectarium
  • Louisiana Children’s Museum
  • NOMA
  • and MORE!

Gather the Village

There’s something for every age and sometimes you need to get out of the house. I can just about guarantee that there are other parents that feel the same way, so reach out to them and make some plans. “Hey, going to the playground for 10, wanna meet?” See how easy that is?

I wish you a playful and enjoyable spring break! Make the plans!

About Celeste

celesteCeleste Haar, the Metrychick, is a wife and mom of 3 (two teens and a toddler) and co-owner of NOLA Made Chicks. Born and bred in her beloved Metairie, she still living and loving there. When you can’t find her at the mall or at Crossfit Roux, check with her kids since they have her heart.


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