Ship Me Somethin’ Mister! (Why I Order {Almost} Everything Online)

Big-Box Store? No Thank You!

I am an online shopping junkie. I order everything I can online. I mean, why go into a store when I can get the same or similar item from the comfort of my own home, often for less money and usually tax-free? I have literally only walked into a Big Box store a handful of times this year.

Time and Money

It started with saving money. I purchased my first subscription to Amazon Prime in 2005 and have been hooked ever since. I love running across something, checking prices, and finding a deal online. If I am in a store browsing, Amazon has a barcode scan feature where I can scan it to see if they have a lower price (they usually do!). I save money on birthday/holiday gifts (especially if I ship direct to them), everyday purchases (such as light bulbs and trash bags), pet products (like Frontline and treats), clothing (especially undershirts and socks) and keep Wish Lists and Gift Lists for those in my circle. I have subscriptions set up for things I use all of the time (such as baby wipes and cloth diaper liners). They arrive on a schedule, and I don’t ever have to worry about running out. Amazon Mom gives me deals and the Subscribe and Save feature saves even more. I have even recently started purchasing some groceries online (though I admit – going to the grocery store alone can be soothing to me). Knowing I can get a deal on an item from a company I can count on, without leaving my house, is key to how I have learned to operate these days, especially working full time with 4 kiddos.

It’s Not PerfectShipMeSomethin'Mister!

Purchasing the majority of our household use items online takes a bit of planning. I have to keep track of items we are in need of, and I have to think ahead for birthdays and other special occasions. We all have to be a bit patient when it comes to placing an order and waiting for it to arrive. It’s almost impossible for us to buy shoes for the kids online (some things you just have to try on). The worst offender is receiving an item that isn’t what you expected it to be, one that arrives late, or one that is damaged. It takes practice and diligence, but shopping online can definitely be worth it.

Local Exceptions

I most certainly have exceptions to my practice of online shopping. I love walking down Magazine Street or The French Market, browsing and picking up little things here and there. There are certain local items that have become important to me (like Hi-Brow pens) as well as local businesses I am excited to support (such as Pepper Palace and French Press). I love having local people I can count on for fresh items and especially services. There are some things that the internet just can’t provide – a smiling, familiar face is one of them!

Where are your favorite places to shop online? What online services have you tried? Are there local items you just can’t live without?


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