New Orleans Moms Who Inspire: Aimée of ALG Style

The Bachelorette is not an Option

As a result of my livelihood, I deem it important and preach to all to carry oneself in the utmost style and grace no matter the circumstance. Whether one is hosting a party, giving a seminar, or doing grocery shopping, it is necessary to maintain composure and form. I am not asking anyone to mimic the uptight personality of Betty Draper; what I am referring to is you can sweat like a pig a Jazz Fest or wear spit-up on a silk blouse but do it with a smile, deodorant, wet-wipes, and a sense of humor.

image-16Now, I am mother of twin girls in a reality TV and social media saturated world, and it has become my mission in life to raise strong yet kind ladies that walk with style and act with grace. I used to think when they were tin babies my children would be MENSA smart, attend Ivy League universities, and would buy me a condo in a fabulous city like Hong Kong or London where they were employed. Presently, with the aid of a very concerned father, our focus has shifted to save them from turning into a Disney pop – princess, appearing on 16 and Pregnant or wanting to be a Real Housewife. Out of all of ALG Style’s clients, these two ladies present the biggest challenges, yet will hopefully have the most rewarding results.

Smoke & Mirrors

Being a working mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and a small business owner, I struggle like any other mom with trying to balimage-15ance it all. I fight every day to do the above jobs with decorum. I often find myself cursing excessively in the car that rivals the Wolf of Wall Street and perhaps looking like a deranged woman trying to outrun the treadmill at the fitness center in order to relieve frustrations.

On more than one occasion, I have been asked by other women, “How do you do it all?” I simply reply, “Smoke and mirrors.” Truth be told, I am very blessed to have the amazing Corrie Pellerin as my partner at ALG Style and a family infrastructure that goes above and beyond the call of duty. These individuals make me a better mom, wife, daughter, and business owner. They are the reason I can have a happy Mother’s Day.

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About Aimée Gowland

image-17Aimée Gowland is a fashion writer and stylist for ALG Style. Mrs. Gowland’s interests in the fashion industry and her strong connections with the retail and fashion community have led to professional relationships with large-scale retailers and styling for local print publications. Additionally, she continues to contribute to several local publications and blogs discussing the subject of fashion and style. Prior to her return to New Orleans, Aimée was a buyer for the contemporary women’s market in New York City and managed a trend-setting women’s boutique in New Haven. Her education includes a Master’s Degree from St. Peter’s College and post graduate studies from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. Her focus at FIT was trend forecasting, design history and marketing. Aimée ives in the Bayou St. John community of New Orleans where she lives with her husband (an architect and principal of METROSTUDIO, LLC) and their twin girls.


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