Great Eyebrows Don’t Happen By Chance; They Happen By Appointment

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Great Eyebrows Don’t Happen By Chance; They Happen By Appointment

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, you might think we’d talk about tidying up that bikini area for the big day. After all, Brazilians are our most popular service, and we do love to talk about them! But, thatWTC_Wax1 topic has been covered very well in Jamie’s article, Brazilian Waxing 101. So, let’s focus on an area that the rest of the world sees: your BROWS.

The current trend is prominent, but meticulously groomed, brows. Who hasn’t looked at a picture of Cara Delevingne’s brows in envy? Full brows like hers can actually make your face look years younger. The problem that haunts many of us is the brow trend of the 90s. Remember super thin, high arched brows? Of course you do, because unfortunately, many of us are still wearing them. After so many years of plucking, re-growth seems impossible.

Here’s the good news. With new trends come new products, tips and tricks. We asked our cerologists at our Magazine St. and Elmwood studios for ways to help get those bushy bold brows so many celebrities are rocking.

Step Away From The Tweezers

We like to tell our clients to “throw your tweezers away and leave the work to us.” Tweezing works to a point, but let’s be honest: when we pick up IMG2our tweezers it can be hard to put them down. This can leave you with an over plucked 90s brow line. We’re here to help! Every brow service with us starts with a consultation. After you share your likes, dislikes and desires, we assess them from every angle. Only then do we expertly wax, trim and tweeze your brows to achieve their best shape.

Don’t be Afraid to Use Brow Fillers…

I recently came across a quote that made me laugh: “Brows – if you can’t grow a pair, fill ‘em in.” So true! If we’re being honest, most of these trend-setting celebrities didn’t wake up with bold, luscious brows. They are using pencils, powders and air brushes to “get the look.”

Well, we are here to tell you: YOU can get the look,too! We recently added a brow cosmetic line designed by NYC celebrity brow artist, Elke von Freudeburg. The trend in brow makeup is more toward powder fillers that give volume, instead of, or in addition to, brow pencil, which only adds color. Elke Brow Shadow comes in four colors and can be used wet or dry. We also carry Elke’s unique Brow Ware, which is colored brow mascara. This product does exactly for your brow hairs what mascara does for your lashes; it thickens the hairs and makes them more prominent on your face. We recommend choosing a color lighter than your hair.

If you have never used brow make-up, it can be a little intimidating. Let us help you gain confidence to DIY. After all, who needs a “Pinterest fail” with brow makeup right before family pictures? We offer a brow makeup lesson where we perform the step-by-step process on one brow and then walk you through the steps on your other brow. You will leave with confideWTC collage for postnce to create blockbuster brows on your own.

Use a Serum and Scrub to Promote Brow Growth

The more permanent solution to thinner brows is to use a growth assistant. Elke Brow Scrub and Brow Serum work together wonderfully for this.

Blocked follicles cannot support hair growth. Elke Scrub is the optimum texture and grit for the brow area. It removes dead skin underneath brows while stimulating circulation and growth at the root.

Elke Brow Serum contains coconut oil, aloe vera, meadowfoam seed oil, and DMAE to help promote healthy hair growth. You’ll notice new growth within two to three weeks of nightly use.

For those that do have moderately bushy brows, you may need tamer. We recommend Elke Brow Smooth to keep hairs tamed and groomed.

Try Our “Brow Rehab” Service

Commit to our 6 step process and leave lackluster brows behind:

  • Ignore your brows for 2 weeks. No tweezing, ladies!
  • Tell us your desired shape, brow likes and dislikes.
  • We assess your brows from every angle to determine and suggest their best shape.
  • Brows are then expertly waxed, trimmed, and tweezed to achieve a precision shape.
  • Thinning or hairless areas receive treatment to aid hair growth.
  • Elke brow make-up is applied for the finishing touch to fabulous brows.

We hope you gained some ideas on how to achieve more luscious face framers. And remember, if you have any questions we are only a phone call and/or a drive away!

Tomorrow (January 27) we are hosting a one year anniversary party at Waxing the City Magazine Street! Join us for complimentary wine, dessert and brow treatments! We hope to see you there! 

Waxing the City Anniversary
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