Five Reasons Moms Love Subarus

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Bryan Subaru and written by local dad, Joshua Daniel.

Five Reasons Moms Love Subarus

Today every car ad talks about the look, the feel, the bells and whistles…but, what does it really mean? You have a growing family and it’s time to look at a new car. Most parents want their family safe (of course), but why do moms love their Subarus?


So, safety is always a leading reason, but what qualifies a Subaru as ‘safe.’ I really cannot say enough about the Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist technology. This system has two cameras mounted on either side of the rear-view mirror that scan for potential danger. It’s one of those systems that can detect another vehicle in the upcoming path and immediately engages the brakes to avoid a collision.


So many vehicles today are made to be ‘disposable.’ How ironic is that? Most people do not want to think of a vehicle as a short-term purchase…especially families with so many other expenses. In addition to being safe and rugged, Subaru’s are made to last. Somewhere around 90% of the Subaru’s purchased in the last 10 years are still on the road today.

Family Friendly

Today, Subaru offers the Forester and the Outback. In addition to the safety and reliability already mentioned, these sporty vehicles are versatile. And best of all, they hold up to five passengers comfortably. Some families can fit three kids, in booster seats along the back seat. This can vary based on the type of booster you have. But, knowing that today’s families are growing, in July Subaru will launch the Ascent. This newest Subaru will offer all the safety and reliability and be able to hold up to eight passengers.

Subaru Loves Kids

Today’s moms are busy and on-the-go and usually trying to accomplish all of their errands with kids! Our dealership offers a kid’s play area with a snack bar! Snacks- sugary concoctions that will entice kiddos into all sorts of mischief?? No way… organic snacks and fresh fruit! We want moms to feel like they can take care of their cars but not at the expense of their ‘family time.’

Subaru Loves Pets

Subaru truly loves pets and actively donates to several humane charities. In addition, our dealership encourages visits from four-legged family members. We even have pet ‘swag’ (like bandanas) that we love to give to these special guests.

To all Moms… remember, if your vehicle is safe and reliable and works for your family that’s everything you need. Your vehicle should help you do all that you do.

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Joshua Daniel is the GSM for Bryan Subaru.  He loves his kids and pets. He especially enjoys working with his Subaru customers, especially Moms, their kids and their pets since their vehicles fit their culture and lifestyle.


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