Clover Boutique {Review & Giveaway}

What if we told you that there was an online boutique based right here in New Orleans through which you could purchase affordable, stylish and fun accessories that ALL fall in the $10-$20 range? That’s exactly what local entrepreneur Chriss Knight is offering busy moms and women through her newest business, Clover Boutique!

The Background Story

I asked Chriss to tell me a little bit about her inspiration for starting Clover. But before we jump into that, you should know that Chriss started her career as a television reporter. Her first gig was in Jackson, Tennessee where she earned $17,000 headshotck-1per year. Before you think that this is another “I used to walk a mile in the snow to school” story, her first salary is relevant because she had to find ways to stretch her budget. As a TV reporter, she was also literally in the spotlight, so it was necessary to frequently change her look. She soon discovered that accessories were a simple way of doing so. Chriss genuinely understands women’s desire for stylish looks on a budget. I think us moms share a lot in common with Chriss’ early days: we are short on time (and usually money), but we want to leave the house looking like we have it all together! Clover Boutique offers a variety of accessories that can help even the most fashion challenged of us accomplish just that.

You may be wondering what brought Chriss to New Orleans, and it was her career in reporting. She moved to New Orleans 3 years ago to work as a reporter for the ABC affiliate station. Of course, as we all know is bound to happen, she fell in love with the city. Chriss eventually decided to leave television in 2012 to open NOLA Socialite, a social media and media relations agency. She still enjoys her PR business and her clients, but she was still searching for that extra something. As she told me, “entrepreneurship is in her blood,” and in November 2012 she launched another business: Clover Boutique. She chose to sell accessories because – as she learned from her mom and aunt selling antiques in Georgia – owning a business is hard work, and you have to be extremely passionate about what you do.

Affordable Online Accessories

Chriss offers a variety of accessories: earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. Working from her photo3home in uptown New Orleans, she doesn’t stock a lot of quantity in any given piece, so if you like something, snatch it up! What I love about her boutique is that everything is truly affordable, so you don’t have to feel guilty treating yourself to something fun “just because.” Chriss was sweet enough to send me a beaded bracelet with a little bit of sparkle, and I can’t wait to layer it with some gold bangles. It arrived in the mail the day after she sent it (how’s that for quick local service?!?), and Chriss has been extremely responsive by email. I’m pretty sure you’d get a quick response via social media, too, should you ever need to find her on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! After all, social media is one of her many fortes!

A Little Something For Y’all

nola moms blogBeing the nice Southern girl that she is, Chriss is giving away a pair of fun earrings. We love these “four petal flower earrings” and think they are perfect for spring and summer. I am told that flowers are trendy this season, and I’ll have to take people’s word for it as I am usually up to my shoulders in diaper changes and toddler chasing and wouldn’t know a trend if it hit me in the face! Additionally, all New Orleans Moms Blog readers can use the code CLOVER15 for a 15% discount (expires March 15). If you take advantage of the discount code, you really don’t have to feel guilty indulging at all; you can treat yourself to something fun for under $20!

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