Body Sugaring USA Day Spa – Giveaway

Ms. Dora Ochoa, the owner of Body Sugaring USA Day Spa, introduced the Northshore to Body Sugaring permanent hair removal in February 1998.  The spa originally opened in Madisonville, and after 10 very successful years, downsized and moved to Mandeville at 1800 West Causeway Approach.  Body Sugaring is an ideal service for busy moms who have seen unwanted facial and body hair after child birth due to the additional hormones.  Most moms are short on time yet want to look and feel their best. The alternatives such as shaving, waxing, electrolysis and laser all have their unpleasant side.  Sugaring is all natural, and can be applied to all types of skin.  The sugar paste is applied to the skin, enters the follicle and as it’s removed off the skin, it removes the hair and the root.  Any that grows back will return finer, softer and lighter.  The hair will stop growing in time. 

We are so excited that one of you will win a standard bikini line sugaring session from Body Sugaring USA Day Spa.  All launch week giveaway winners will be announced on Saturday, August 18.


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