5 Reasons to Never Stop at the Pump Again

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5 Reasons to Never Stop at the Pump Again

Gas Pumping Service“Necessity is the mother of invention.” As cliché as that sounds, there is nothing more true in today’s world. FuelUpNola is a company birthed as a result of necessity. We all have loved ones in our lives who we are concerned about. Maybe it’s your mother, your sister, or your elderly father. I started this company on the basis of wanting to help my family. They work late hours, and safety is always a concern. I often asked them why they didn’t stop for gas during the day, and I would often hear: “It was out of the way,”  “The children were in the car,” or “I’m just too busy.” I didn’t want them stopping for gas at night, and now with this Pandemic, I definitely didn’t want them stopping for gas and risk coming in contact with someone/something that has been exposed to the virus.

FuelUpNola’s mission is to provide a SAFE (no contact) and efficient way to move FASTER in a fast-paced world. Fuel up Nola’s aim is to give customers the most convenient way to fuel their vehicle.

Today, there is no need to make those late-night stops, to leave kids in the car when the clerk says that the card reader isn’t working, or to put yourself or those you love at risk.

FuelUpNola is safe (no contact), fast, and convenient.

It’s simple. Park. Pin. Pop. Give us a try, and you’ll never go back to the pump.

Here are our top 5 reasons to never stop at the pump again:

  • Concern for your safety and the safety of those you love (i.e., look at recent crime statistics at gas stations in the metro area).
  • We are in a pandemic, and Covid-19 numbers are still high across the state.
  • Uncertain weather conditions.
  • Busy schedules (we are naturally rushing from place to place)
  • FuelUpNola is simply more convenient. You can get fueled at home, work, the gym, while dining out, any place or your convenience.

Ready to learn more and simplify your life with one less stop for gas? Check us out HERE, download the mobile app and/or check out our membership fees.

M. “Yoyo” Ennabut, graduate of the University of New Orleans and co-founder of FuelUpNolaM. “Yoyo” Ennabut, graduate of the University of New Orleans and co-founder of FuelUpNola, has been in the fuel industry for  over 15 years. His love for his family and community drive his entrepreneurial spirit and charitable endeavors. He strives to keep efficiency and ease in mind- always.


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