Love Makes a Family :: International Family Equality Day

The morning routine for us is just as hectic as any other family. We have two four-year boys. One pops up out of bed quickly, and the other is slow and grumpy. One is hungry; the other is not. It is always a struggle to get both of them out of the house and into the car, much less dropping them off at two different schools on New Orleans’ busy and bumpy streets. Sound normal?

Well, the other day, I walked into my son’s classroom as I do every day and my son’s classmates yelled, “It’s Antonio’s Dad!” I smiled, but then another friend yelled, “But, where is your Papa Antonio?” It seems that I never noticed that the kids in our son’s class had already figured it out. My son has two dads. I paused for a moment and realized how beautiful it is to see kids be so open to the beauty of parents – no matter if it’s a mommy and daddy, a mommy, or in our case, two dads. To them, we were a family, and surely they had witnessed the care and love we showed our son and his classmates each day during drop off. They never blinked. We didn’t act differently so they didn’t. Later that morning, it dawned on me that they understood that “Love Makes a Family.” As odd as it sounded — we were pretty normal despite our propensity for unicorns and rainbows.

On background, my husband and I recently moved back to New Orleans and realized we did not know any other LGBTQ families. So, we started a Facebook Group, NOLA Gay Families. We are coming up on our one-year anniversary with more than 150 members. On May 7th, NOLA Gay Families is inviting all families to come and meet our families for International Family Equality Day. We thought it was important as a group to host this event so that our kids learn the diversity of families. It is our hope that all of our kids can grow up just like those in my son’s special needs classroom – loving and unconditionally accepting.

International Family Equality Day

When :: Sunday, May 7 at 1:00 – 3:30 PM

Where :: Airline Skate Center, Inc., 6711 Airline Dr, Metairie, Louisiana

What :: International Family Equality Day (iFED) is a world-wide celebration of LGBTQ parenting and the diverse family community. This year’s theme is “LOVE MAKES A FAMILY.” By celebrating IFED, NOLA Gay Families and our partners across the globe hope to raise awareness about our families and the need for equal treatment and recognition for all families, regardless of the sexual orientation or gender identity of their family’s members.

We invite everyone to come and celebrate FAMILY with us – whatever your family looks like. It’s a skate party, but we may have a few disco balls and rainbow colored balloons. Chances are we’ll definitely have pizza and a runny nose or two.

*Mention NOLA Gay Families and receive the discounted rate of $4.50 (skates included) to skate.

About Roby

Roby is husband & dad to two amazing 4-year olds. He is a former television journalist, LGBTQ, disability rights & education advocate; human and constantly in motion but being present.


  1. I loved reading about the child who asked ” Where’s your Papa? ” thereby showing the other children, their teacher, and reinforcing to Roby that his family is just like all the other families!


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