Happy Friday Y’all: The Weekend Top 5 Challenge

Well, it is Friday again. I know for me it is the day that you look forward to all week. It means that for the next two days there is no carpool line, no uniforms, no deadlines for work, and no alarm clock.

It also means that the weekends are usually full of things that you run around doing, such as the grocery, the cleaners, Target, laundry, cleaning house, and whatever else is pressing to check off the list before Monday arrives again.

But, that is no fun. It is no fun for us, and it for sure is no fun for our kids. Stopping to smell the roses is hard, and life gets in the way. It happens. It happens in our house, and I am sure in your house as well.top 5 fINAL

Weekends do come with some obligations like birthday parties, church, and family events. But finding the balance is what I am trying to focus on. So, this weekend my little family is taking a stand against the routine and the obligation. We have staked claim that, this weekend, we will accomplish 5 things that we can embrace and enjoy together.

I am asking you to join me in the Weekend Top 5 Challenge. We have created a list of the top five things that we want to accomplish this weekend, and none of it has anything to do with chores or errands.

This weekend is about letting the schedule go and embracing childhood.

Here are our Top 5:

  1. Try a new recipe that gets little helpers in the kitchen. Yes, it will be a mess, but the memories will be worth it.
  2. Skip a well-balanced meal for junk food; just one time won’t hurt.
  3. Play, create, or buy a new game that you and your kids have never played before. It will be fun to try something new for everyone.
  4. Pop popcorn, watch a movie as a family, and ignore bedtime. Since they will probably fall asleep during the movie anyway, bending on this one won’t be too bad.
  5. Visit a New Orleans attraction that your child has never been to before. It can be simple, like watching the planes at the airport or driving to experience a swamp tour.

Join me in the Weekend Challenge by using my top 5 or creating your own. Ask the kids what they really want to do but don’t get a chance to because life gets in the way. Their answers may really surprise you.

But, no matter what your Top 5 ends up being, I am sure that by Monday morning, you will feel more accomplished and relaxed having spent the quality time with family with priorities in check then if you would if you had gotten the entire routine to do list accomplished.

What is on your top 5 list for this weekend?


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