Girl Vs. Grill: Grilled Steak and Lobster

Today on the blog we are thrilled to bring you a fun, lighthearted series in preparation for summer! It’s starting to warm up, the days are longer, the kids are taking swim lessons and we’re gearing up for … summer barbecue season! We don’t know about you all, but our team loves nothing more than relaxing with family and friends during these slower New Orleans days. We are thrilled to partner with Langenstein’s and Touro Infirmary as sponsors to bring you “Girl Vs. Grill,” a collection of online summer recipes that will culminate with two in person events in May. We hope you will take inspiration from these recipes, register for the dietitian led shopping tours on May 14 and join us for an interactive learning (and shopping) experience. As always, there will be swag … this time it will just be centered around creating the perfect summer grilling party!

Girl Vs. Grill: Grilled Steak and Lobster

I love cooking in the summer. It’s time when we bust out the grill and meals become lighter, more healthy and easier to clean up. My favorite meal to both splurge on and cook in the summer is steak and lobster. It may not be a nightly meal, but if you’re looking to indulge a little this is an easy winner.



  • Steak (any cut)
  • Lobster tails
  • Lemon juice (or a single lemon)
  • Butter
  • Garlic powder
  • Seasoning salt
  • Salt and pepper
  • Fresh garlic


First, take into consideration that your lobster will cook much faster than your steaks (especially if you like your steak cooked well or if they’re cut especially thick). First, place a pot of well salted water on the stove to boil. Once your water is heating, begin to season your steaks. Season the steaks liberally using salt and pepper, garlic powder and seasoning salt.


Once your steaks are seasoned, place them on the grill and begin to prep your lobster. The lobster will take around 7 minutes to cook from start to finish. First, melt a stick of butter in the microwave then season with lemon juice (either one lemon or 3 tbsp) and garlic (2 cloves minced).

Don’t forget to check your steaks. It’s best to only turn them once, so don’t go crazy flipping again and again. Just time it.

Once you’ve checked on your steaks and you’re about 5 mins out from them being finished, throw the lobsters in the pot. They will only sit for 2 minutes. The tail will turn bright red and and curl in.

Boil        Cut Tails

Pull the lobster out of the pot and use clean kitchen scissors to cut the shell all the way down the middle then use your knife to cut the tail in half. Once you have them cut, you can throw them on the grill.


Once on the grill they will cook for about 3 minutes on the fleshy side and 2 minutes on the shell. The meat should be opaque and white. Be careful not to overcook. Once your steaks have reached the desired temperature, melt a pad of butter over the top of them and place them under a foil tent and allow them to rest. Baste the lobster tails liberally and enjoy!

Grilled Surf and Turf

I would love to see you in person at Langenstein’s on May 14 so I can give you pointers for this delicious summer meal in person! Plus, Julie Fortenberry, registered dietitian with Touro Infirmary, will be on hand to give you tips for eating healthily this summer AND Langenstein’s will be offering a discount to attendees … and you’ll walk away with a fun grilling-themed swag bag. Sounds fun, right?

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